It's mind over matter with Favre

Packer Report's Matt Tevsh was at Brett Favre's teary-eyed press conference in March and remembers a couple of statements by the quarterback that left the door cracked open for his return.

That Brett Favre is at least considering a comeback and might cancel his retirement from the NFL and the Packers should come as no surprise – even if no one saw it coming after his teary-eyed press conference over four months ago.

With Packers training camp scheduled to open later this month, Favre has all but talked himself into returning this off-season. Consider the following:

He has repeatedly said to teammates and the media that he will probably feel the itch to play when the season rolls around.

He went on the Late Show and told David Letterman that something is bound to happen when training camp rolls around.

And during his March 6 retirement press conference in Green Bay, he left some doubt in his decision, obviously a difficult one at the time.

"I know I can play," said Favre. "But I don't think I want to."

Unlike the previous off-seasons before, when Favre mulled whether to return for another year, there needed to be complete closure this time to make it official. That, in a way, has yet to fully happen and is the reason the "retired" Favre is still a hot story in the middle of summer.

The above comment by Favre was quick and short, but for this scribe, it was telling enough. Favre was not yet 100 percent sold on the thought of giving up the game he loves even at the thought of being mentally worn out.

Time, however, has a way of refreshing the mind and body. That brings us to the present moment, where Favre, without any clear plans for life after football, might be thinking that the mental grind of the season is not too bad of an option.

The mind is a powerful thing. It is more powerful than even the physical attributes of an NFL player can handle. By continuing to talk about having a feeling of wanting to come back, Favre has not just drawn himself to the possibility, but rather the likelihood of returning. Stay tuned.

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