Make room on board for Wolf

Former general manager Ron Wolf, who soon will be moving back to Green Bay, should have spot among team's Board of Directors or Executive Committee, says Packer Report's Todd Korth

Former Packers general manager Ron Wolf has had enough of Annapolis and reportedly will soon be moving back to Green Bay. With a house in Florida, Wolf figures he can have the best of both worlds weather-wise, plus be close to his son, Eliot, who is a scout for the Packers. Wolf is retired and has earned the right to live where he wants. The football guy that he is, why not live in Green Bay? A perfect fit.

Wolf is still highly respected by Packers fans. If not for Wolf, Mike Holmgren or Brett Favre or Reggie White would have never been part of the Packers. Wolf was the key in turning the Packers from a perennial doormat to an NFL powerhouse.

Which gets me to thinking (dangerous, I know). But why haven't the Packers considered approaching Wolf to serve on the team's Board of Directors or Executive Committee? Seems to me like it would be a no-brainer to have the architect of the team's success in the 1990s in among the thinkers of the publicly owned team. Wolf would be a valuable member of the board and/or executive committee.

Maybe the timing hasn't been right for Wolf in recent years. Maybe the Packers have approached Wolf privately and he declined. He said this spring at Fan Fest that he has been traveling quite bit in recent years. He pretty much has detached himself from the NFL, though, he has kept an eye on the Packers. General manager Ted Thompson has invited Wolf to training camp for a few days to get his thoughts and observations. Wolf says he will visit the Packers' camp again this summer.

When the shareholders meet at Lambeau Field on July 24, they should seriously consider urging the Packers' brass to consider Wolf for a seat on the board. While it's probably too late for this year, maybe he can be placed on the proxy for next year.

Wolf says he and his wife, Edie, are "exited about coming back." Packers fans, no doubt, will be excited as well to see Wolf around Green Bay on a regular basis. His presence will be welcomed and his knowledge and wisdom for football can still be put to use as part of the team's board of directors or executive committee.

The time is now, shareholders, to speak up and nominate Wolf to re-connect with the Packers in a way that will still allow him to be retired but also help the Packers as well.

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