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Favre flip-flopped before draft; Ravens next? Mariucci talks to Favre

FoxSports.com's Jay Glazer is reporting that Brett Favre changed his mind about retirement in late March, then decided to remain retired two days before the Green Bay Packers were set to announce his return to football.

Glazer writes "this is not the first time Favre has waffled on the issue, and the last time he did, the quarterback's uncertainty threw the Packers' draft preparation into turmoil."

Favre to Ravens?
The Baltimore Ravens have been mentioned by some national publications and Web sites as a potential alternative if the Packers tell Brett Favre to stay retired, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The Ravens lost Steve McNair to retirement and are faced with some difficult choices as they prepare to open training camp. Favre, theoretically, would give them an elite short-term quarterback and serve as a perfect mentor for QB-in-waiting Joe Flacco. The Ravens have legitimate concerns about the viability of Kyle Boller and Troy Smith, but they have installed a new coach and a new offensive coordinator and appear to be in the midst of a dynamic transition that could be sidetracked if the team gave into the temptation to go for a quick fix behind center.

Mariucci offers thoughts on Favre situation
Former Packers quarterbacks coach and NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci, a close friend of Favre, offered his thoughts on the Packers-Favre situation today on the network's "NFL Total Access" show.

Mariucci spoke with Favre today and confirmed that "Brett is getting ready to play again." Here are more thoughts from Mariucci:

On Favre getting ready to play again:
"Brett is getting ready to play again. He's feeling different than he did when we all saw him at his press conference in March where he was very emotional and burnt out, very tired and seemingly like that was going to be it."

Would he play somewhere else?
"The answer is yes, if he can't play for the Packers. If they will not have him in Green Bay and he wants to play and he's ready and able to play, yes he would consider playing for someone else. As hard as I think that is to imagine, I think the answer is yes, he would consider playing for someone else if it's not going to happen in Green Bay."

On if Favre has been working out:
"He had a workout this morning. He works out and throws and runs over at Oak Grove High School, in Hattiesburgh, Mississippi. He said he's feeling real good right now, weighing in at 218-220 and pretty much where he would normally be in July getting ready for training camp."

On if a formal letter has been sent to the Packers requesting to be released:
"Yes, there has been a letter sent from (James) "Bus" Cook to be released."

"They finally talked on Tuesday. Brett and James "Bus" Cook came away feeling they were not going to be invited back and that they were moving on.

"They (Bus & Favre) felt the Packers are ready to go forward without Brett."

What's Next?
"He's saying ‘If I want to play, if I can play and I'm getting ready to play and you guys won't have me back then what's the alternative? Is it a trade? A release? Allow me at least to play for someone else if I feel like I can and I can work something out.' That is the reason for the release letter.

"The other alternative is to ask for reinstatement. He is on the reserve/retired list, that's official. A letter of reinstatement can happen with the league office and the Packers must act on that letter, whether that's a trade, put him back on the roster or release him, but they haven't done that yet. Right now he's saying, ‘If you're not going to have me, then release me and let me look for work. No hard feelings, we'll go on with our business.' Right now he's feeling very good and seriously considering coming back."

Did the Packers pressure him to retire?
"After a disappointing loss to the Giants and a long, hard-fought season, a very successful season, it felt different from other years, he didn't hear from the organization ‘give us another year.' He felt like maybe this is the time, maybe they don't want me back, maybe they're going to move on. With all that put together, we all saw him retire very emotionally and maybe a little reluctantly. Right now though, it's not March and you can ask any Pro Football player, a guy's feelings in February and March are much different emotionally from June and July. His mindset is ‘I think I want to play and I think I can and I'm getting ready to do so.'"

Mortensen's report on ESPN
Chris Mortensen appeared on ESPN's NFL Live today to break the news that Brett Favre formally asked for his contractual release from the team.

Mortensen reported that the request was made in a letter by Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, sent via overnight mail on Thursday that arrived at the Packers facility Friday morning.

To view Mortensen's on-air report from NFL Live about Brett Favre, click on this link.

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