Williams blames scheme for his coverage gaffes

Fans will remember Tyrone William's performance at Minnesota for the pass interference penalties and long gains that it delivered. The cornerback doesn't see it that way, however.<P> Following Sunday's loss in the Metrodome, Williams singled out the Packers' defensive scheme as the root of his problems.

"I just felt like the way the scheme was presented, anybody could have caught a pass on me today," said Williams.

Williams singled out the defensive game plan vs. the Vikings that left him in single coverage most of the day.

"If you watch the game, you can't just eliminate one side of the footbal field and expect one player to cover all that ground. It's impossible. You can't do it," Williams said. "And I just felt like we could have done some different stuff."

Meanwhile, when Coach Mike Sherman was informed of William's complaints, he said:

"I'll talk to Tyrone about that ..." Sherman said. "But our corners can play man-to-man coverage. I have confidence that they can do it."

Williams didn't look like he actually could hold up in man-to-man Sunday. While Darren Sharper zeroed in on Randy Moss and Marques Anderson was assigned to stop running back Michael Bennett, Williams' assignment often went awry.

"If you're doing anything special for Randy Moss," explained defensive coordinator Ed Donatell, "other people are going to be stressed more. You have more single coverage. (Williams) has played really well for us this year, and he made some lays (Sunday), but he had a couple he wants back."

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