How long will Favre's 'itch to play' last?

Quarterback already has proven he is not 100 percent committed to the Green Bay Packers for the 2008 season, says Packer Report's Todd Korth

Unless you were in the woods making every attempt to escape the world this past weekend or arriving back from outer space, you've heard about the Brett Favre-Green Bay Packers soap opera.

Favre says he "has the itch" to play football again. The Packers are experiencing some deja vu because Favre had the itch to play a few weeks after he officially retired in March, then decided he wanted to remain retired.

Now he's coming back to the Pack, saying, "No, really, Mr. Thompson, I want to continue my career."

Really, Brett? Wasn't the main reason Favre officially retired on March 6 because he said he wasn't ready to give a 100 percent commitment to the team? Apparently that changed in late March and the Packers graciously accepted him back. Then, as we have found out through's Jay Glazer, Favre called off a major press conference that would have announced his return from a brief retirement.

If that situation would have played out, no big deal. Packers fans went through it with Reggie White in 1998, so that change of heart is nothing new. Life would go on and the Packers would have planned for another season with Favre.

But now Favre sends a text message to Thompson over the 4th of July weekend, saying he wants to come back. If you're the general manager of the team, do you seriously think that Favre is suddenly 100 percent committed to the team? Or is Favre allowing his emotions to take over?

Favre's indecision this offseason has made it very understandable why the Packers have chosen to move ahead with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. Rodgers is 100 percent committed - period. And even if Favre thinks he is, he hasn't sold the general manager of the team nor the team's head coach that he's going to be focused throughout this season.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Thompson is wise to stick to the plan of moving on with Rodgers. Favre nearly messed up Green Bay's draft in late March by retiring twice within a few weeks. Now he is messing with Green Bay's preparation for the season due to his indecision.

What if Favre does come back out of his brief retirement, then decides halfway through training camp that he cannot maintain a 100 percent commitment and retires again? Trouble ahead for the team he is on, whether it's the Packers or another NFL team, right? Remember days before the July 4th weekend when a report leaked out that Favre is considering a return to football? Yet, he downplayed it as nothing but a "bunch of rumors." If he's serious about coming back, why did he say that? Then a few days later, he sends a text message to Thompson that basically confirmed those rumors.

Favre knows better than anyone that a player has to be totally committed to succeed in the NFL. Most players are committed to the next season the day the season ends. Favre has jerked the Packers around for the past five offseasons, this offseason more than ever before.

The Packers aren't playing hardball with Favre. They're controlling what they can with the players they have who are committed to the team. Favre thinks he is committed, at least for now, but is he?

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