Talkin' trade?

Packers reportedly guaging interest in Favre from other teams

Brett Favre is still on the reserve-retired list, and if he wants to play this season he will need to apply for reinstatement.

The Packers say they would put Favre on their active roster -- but apparently not for very long.

According to the NFL Network, the Packers have been talking with teams around the league to gauge interest in a trade for the three-time MVP.

The Sporting News further claims the Baltimore Ravens told the Packers they were not interested. The inquiries were not limited to AFC teams. At least one NFC team was contacted, according to the NFL Network. Packer Report sources in Tampa believe the Bucs have been showing strong interest in Favre.

The calls were only exploratory as the Packers may be trying to see what the market would bear if they decide to deal Favre if he decides to show up for camp, according to NFL Network.

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