Favre to Bucs?

If Packers deal Favre, look for quarterback to wind up playing for Tampa Bay, says Packer Report's Todd Korth

If Joe Theismann says that frustrated quarterback Brett Favre will end up playing football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year, it's going to happen, right? Love or hate Theismann, the former loud-mouth, egotistic analyst for ESPN and ex-quarterback is probably right.

The Packers admitted publicly this week that they have been guaging interest in Favre with other teams this week. Most likely, the Packers have been guaging interest with any team outside of the NFC North Division.

Though the Bucs of the NFC South and Packers meet this season, it appears likely that Favre will wind up wearing the pewter this year. Just ask Joe:

"I think the odds are better than 50-50 Favre ends up with the Bucs," Theismann told the Tampa Tribune on Wednesday. "If Brett Favre plays football in 2008, I think it's in Tampa."

Before anything happens, Favre will have to request reinstatement by the NFL. That should be no problem since Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear that he wants the Favre saga to go away. The Packers also have made it clear that they want to move on with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. Favre turns 39 in October. Rodgers is 24.

Bucs coach Jon Gruden, who was an assistant with the Packers in the early 1990s, knows Favre well and has had success with veteran quarterbacks like Brad Johnson and Jeff Garcia. The Bucs currently have six quarterbacks on their roster, but Favre is easily better than all of them. Garcia is backed up by Brian Griese and Chris Simms.

Rumors have swirled in the Tampa area of Favre meeting with Gruden and the Bucs in recent weeks. True or not, Garcia, who made the Pro Bowl last year, says he wants a better contract. He is showing his displeasure by skipping the start of training camp this weekend in Tampa.

Meanwhile, Favre appears to be headed back to the field.

"To me, the No. 1 question is whether there's a system he can get into right away," Theismann said. "Adaptability to the system is the key. If you bring a Brett Favre into something other than the West Coast offense, you'd have to limit your offense. In the span of one training camp, he'd be ready to to lead the Bucs. He can't go anywhere where the system is different."

Though the Minnesota Vikings have been accused of tampering with Favre, it sure seems likely that the Bucs are going to get their hands on him. If the deal is going to happen, it should occur soon. Favre will need as much time as possible to get familiar with Gruden's offense. Packers fans also will need time to get used to seeing Favre with another team, much less playing against the Packers on Sept. 28 at Raymond James Stadium.

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