Hey, Brett, just resist the urge

Quarterback is ruining legacy; needs to find new passion

Why does Brett Favre want to ruin his legacy? Why does he want to fizzle into the sunset like so many other great quarterbacks instead of leaving on a high note? He doesn't have to but obviously his "itch" to play is getting the best of him.

Fortunately Favre will resist attending the Green Bay Packers training camp, according to SI.com. Favre says that Packers general manager Ted Thompson has asked for more time to deal the future Hall of Famer to a different team, but will Favre approve a trade to a team that the Packers would like to trade him to? It seems that only two teams that have a decent chance of making the playoffs this season is Minnesota and Tampa Bay, two teams that happen to be on Green Bay's schedule this season. Thompson would be foolish to deal him to either of those two teams. Plus, are both of those teams seriously interested in Favre? The Bucs have Jeff Garcia and the Vikings Tarvaris Jackson as their current starters. Will Favre approve a trade to the Jets? It he wants media attention, he surely will get it in New York.

Favre is forcing the Packers to trade or release him and fortunately, he realized that reporting to Green Bay's training camp, in which players report today, would be a disaster for all parties involved.

Let's say Favre does get his wish by playing for another team. For what? He has said over and over in recent years that he has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in football. He said at his teary-eyed press conference in March that the preparation for each game was too much to handle. It comes down to the fact that he just wants to play football, which is no great surprise, yet surprising after he told the Packers twice this offseason that he wants to end his career. Does he really want to take the same path that Joe Montana did with the Chiefs,or Joe Namath with the Rams or Johnny Unitas with the Chargers? Let's hope not.

Mike McCarthy said Saturday that he is "disappointed" in the situation as are many Packers and football fans. What will be more disappointing for the football world is to see Favre struggle with another team. Worse yet, sustain a serious injury in his attempt to continue playing. It's hard to imagine Favre instantly stepping in with a different team and leading it deep into the playoffs. Not very realistic, not at this point. It just doesn't make sense.

Favre would be much better off staying retired and trying to discover a new passion. There has got to be one out there somewhere for him, but he needs to get his mind off of playing football, first. It's not too late.

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