How will Favre saga end?

With Murphy meeting with QB today in Mississippi, almost no scenario can be ruled out.

"I've been wrong all summer. That's the truth."

That's what Mike McCarthy said Saturday about the Brett Favre saga Since McCarthy admitted it, I don't feel bad doing the same.

The question de jour for a scribe like me is this: How is this story going to end? My answer: I have no idea.

There are several scenarios — all of which you know — and I can easily make arguments for or against them all.

Will the Packers trade Favre? That's the most logical recourse for the team, since they can send the quarterback to a team not on its schedule. Will it happen? Probably, but it's no guarantee. The Packers won't trade him to an NFC North team. Everybody seems to think the Buccaneers are the favorite to land Favre, but does Green Bay want to face No. 4 in Week 4? Favre has veto powers over any trade by simply saying he'll re-retire if he doesn't want to play for his new team. Teams, figuring the Packers have to get rid of Favre and likely will be pressured by Commissioner Roger Goodell to do so soon, may be biding their time in hopes they can get the legend for free. The market is limited further by the number of teams who have established quarterbacks, a young guy they like or just aren't interested in all the drama that Favre brings.

Will the Packers keep Favre? A few weeks ago, I thought there was no chance this scenario would play out. But during their last couple of news conferences, coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson left that door open a sliver. Thompson and McCarthy have told Favre that Aaron Rodgers is their starting quarterback. Perhaps Favre agrees to come back as the backup, only to bet that he'll so clearly outplay Rodgers that they'll have to put him back in the lineup.

Will the Packers release Favre? This scenario seems unlikely too for one obvious reason: the Minnesota Vikings. Thompson very well could lose his job if Favre straps on a Vikings uniform and leads a talented team to the Super Bowl. Then again, if the Packers can't find a trade partner and they don't want to derail their plan for Rodgers, what other choice do they have?

Packers President Mark Murphy reportedly will meet with Favre and agent Bus Cook today in Hattiesburg, Miss., in hopes Favre will not come to Green Bay. Just imagine the circus of Favre watching the Family Night scrimmage from the sideline on Sunday.

The guess is Murphy — new on the job and without the rapport with Favre built by his predecessor, Bob Harlan — will try to buy the Packers some more time to make a deal. But with training camps under way and Favre losing valuable time to learn a new offense, will Favre think the Packers are just stalling in hopes he'll give up? If that's what he thinks, you can bet he'll be chartering a flight to Green Bay and will be on the practice field on Friday to put the pressure on the Packers.

My guess on the resolution? Favre will be traded to the Jets on Thursday.

Then again, I've been wrong all summer.

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