Sydney Speaks! Stop the madness!

Former Packers assistant coach and fullback Harry Sydney offers his insight, explaining exactly how ridiculous the Brett Favre saga has become in Green Bay.

I'm back and it doesn't look like I'm alone on the Brett Favre saga, does it? Besides myself, is anyone else sick and tired of watching this once proud franchise and their household superstar Brett Favre show the world just how ridiculous things become when egos get in the way. Trust me, it's not about blame because there is enough of that to go around. Let me explain!

Unfortunately this started a long time ago, way before Ted Thompson took the helm to lead the Green Bay Packers. This started in 1999 when Ray Rhodes was the head coach and Sherman Lewis was the offensive coordinator and, of course, Ron Wolf ran the show. That year is when Favre was given a lot of power, probably more than he knew how to handle. During that year Brett was given more power by Ron Wolf because Ron would talk with Brett about things related to football decisions and Sherman Lewis would let Brett share his thoughts and ideas during meetings. That's when things really started to go downhill because once Rhodes was fired and Mike Sherman took over, Brett became untouchable and became bigger than the team.

Mike Sherman didn't want to ruffle any feathers and because of that Brett actually thought he was bigger than the team. When Ted Thompson became the general manager his philosophy was different from Mike Sherman's. I believe that's when the line started to be drawn in the sand. If you remember some of Brett's comments that he made with the great Greta Van Susteren, Favre talked about how he and Ted didn't see eye to eye at different times. Brett talked about things that aren't supposed to be said in public. Even if you want to as a player, you can't, but Brett talked too much about private conversations between himself and Ted. Like about going after Randy Moss in which he called Ted out, basically telling him how to do his job, that includes discussions on what to do with Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera and, for that matter, Brett also was a little upset because the Packers didn't interview his buddy Steve Mariucci before they hired McCarthy.

When people play games usually someone wins, but in this situation there will be no winners. The Packers organization will lose face just as Brett Favre will tarnish his legacy and, trust me, he already has. The other day I was at a fundraiser and there were some Brett Favre autographed pictures. I couldn't believe my eyes, but no one was interested. They couldn't even give some of the stuff away. Those that might have loved him now have lost respect for him because they thought he was above this, but now they see he really isn't any different than anyone else.

It's not as if we didn't see this coming. I know I did, but I just hoped that the Packers would have handled this situation with the class that they have been known for instead of becoming the laughing stock of the National Football League.

Now Brett supposedly may come to Green Bay after Mark Murphy went to visit him. What does that mean? It means: "Brett They Don't Want You Around Anymore So Just Go Away." Period, end of story, but at the same time Brett has to understand that he isn't holding the cards anymore.

Brett doesn't hold the cards and the Packers can send him anywhere or they could make his price tag so high that no one wants to touch him, especially if he can't give them two years. This is just a bad situation with no winners. That all started because Brett Favre did something he said he never would do and that's make a decision when he wasn't a hundred percent behind it or sure. If he wasn't ready to retire he shouldn't have done it because that started the train rolling and now it seems it can't be stopped.

How sad has it become that possibly the greatest quarterback in this franchises history is asked to just stay away? Some want to blame Ted because he didn't do enough. Some want to blame McCarthy because he finally had to move forward after Brett retired twice on him. Many want to blame Brett for making it so he can't come back because once he called out Ted, I believe he sealed his fate. Before that moment the lines were drawn in the sand and things could have been fixed but now things have gone too far. The power struggle is on and all eyes are fixed on Green Bay for all the wrong reasons.

I wish this could be a happy ending, but I can't see one in sight. So I just only ask everyone to JUST STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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