Favre reinstatement on hold again

McCarthy confirms personal-services contract to QB; Rodgers recalls talk with some of Favre's family during ESPY Awards.

Once again, NFL Commissioner has elected to hold off on reinstating retired quarterback Brett Favre.

"The Packers and Brett are continuing their discussions," league spokesman Randall Liu wrote in an e-mail.

After Friday morning's practice, coach Mike McCarthy confirmed the 10-year, $20 million personal-services contract to Favre has been on the table since March and wasn't just a bribe in a last-ditch attempt to keep Favre from returning to the NFL. And again, McCarthy reiterated how happy with how his team has handled the controversy that is consuming much of the sporting world.

"I'd just like to say, again, how impressed I've been with our football team," McCarthy said. "There's two parts to this situation. The football aspect of it — and that's all I've been focused on since training camp has started — is, ‘Is he here or isn't he here?' He's not part of our 80-man roster. If or when he is, we'll deal with it them. Our team has done a great job of staying on point and focusing on training camp. Let's no forget how hard training camp is.

"The second part of it is this is bigger than all of us. It's bigger than the organization, really, bigger than Brett Favre. It's a league issue of all the different things that are going on. We're done a really good job of staying away with it, because we can't control it, we're not part of it. I'm not involved in it, which I enjoy. It's something we all want resolved."

Probably nobody on the team wants the issue resolved faster than starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Again, he dutifully answered questions about Favre in front of a mob of reporters at his locker.

"If he comes back to the team, we'll welcome back as a part of this team, but that's up to him and the management," Rodgers said. "When the decision comes down, we'll be able to move on together."

Rodgers said he talked to Favre's daughter, nephew and sister at ESPN's ESPY Awards held a couple weeks ago in Los Angeles. They told Rodgers that there was "no issue between me and Brett."

"When he was here, we got along great, we joked around, spent time together off the field," Rodgers said. "It's never been about me and Brett. It's been about Brett and the organization and trying to find a resolution both parties are happy with. I know my role in this situation is to lead this team. If he comes back, we'll welcome him back.

Rodgers called it a "unique situation."

"I know I'm kind of in the middle of it, although it's more about Brett and the organization," he said. "I'm really focused on being the starting quarterback of this team."

While Favre owns practically every meaningful NFL passing record and had a unique flair to the game that made him a legend, Rodgers said he's focused on playing his game.

"I have a lot of expectations on the way I feel like I should play," he said. "I know the guys in the locker room believe in me, the management believes in me. It's going to be doing the things (quarterbacks) coach (Tom) Clements has taught us to do. Manage the game, taking the big plays when we have those opportunities and pulling back when we don't."

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