Goodell: Favre reinstatement could be Monday

Reports differ on whether the QB will take financial package to stay retired

In the latest edition of "As the Favre Turns," ESPN is reporting NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell likely will sign off on Brett Favre's reinstatement papers on Monday.

"Both parties are talking, the Green Bay Packers and Brett," Goodell told NFL Network on Saturday. "And I think the discussions are moving ahead. I would hope that we would have something resolved by Monday."

Goodell chose Monday as a way to "force" the issue to a long-awaited resolution, Goodell told's Adam Schefter. If Favre is reinstated, the Packers will have 24 hours to activate him to the active roster, trade him or release him. To avoid all three of those scenarios, that also sets a deadline of sorts for the Packers and Favre to agree to a long-term marketing deal in which Favre would in affect agree to stay retired.

Schefter says Favre is "preparing to stay retired" and is "leaning towards taking a package that he and the Packers have been negotiating."

ESPN, however, says Favre is leaning toward not accepting the package — which is for 10 years and either $20 million or $25 million — because he wants to play football.

"I think they are being reasonable," Goodell said. "There are difficult emotional issues and they're important to the future of both of them. Brett has a great legacy and the Packers have a great franchise that they're trying to move forward with. I think they're trying to balance that in a way that is responsible to each party."

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