Hopefully, Favre's stay will be brief

Packers should do all they can to unload quarterback in next two days

At the end of his press conference after Saturday afternoon's practice, Mike McCarthy was asked if he was happy with the progression of Aaron Rodgers. The Packers head coach summed it up in one word: "Absolutely."

Rodgers indeed has performed well thus far in Green Bay's training camp. He is poised, confident and appears very comfortable within the offense. There is absolutely no reason to believe that he will not lead the Green Bay Packers to the playoffs, much like Brett Favre did last year.

Oh yeah, Brett Favre. The waffling quarterback was reinstated by the NFL today and is scheduled to arrive in Green Bay early this evening to report to Green Bay's training camp. He may even be on Clarke Hinkle Field when the Packers resume practice at 2 p.m. (CT) on Tuesday, following tonight's Family Night intra-squad scrimmage, but don't count on it.

General manager Ted Thompson and the Packers will be doing all they can to trade Favre to a different team between now and Tuesday. With his reinstatement official, other NFL teams know that Favre intends to play football this season. While the football world realizes that the Packers are more than pleased with Rodgers as their starting quarterback, some teams out there also know that Favre still has some value. That should be enough to trigger a trade now rather than wait till the end of camp for the Packers to release Favre, as ironic as that sounds.

Having Favre actually present in Green Bay's training camp makes absolutely no sense for the Packers or Favre. Both parties will hopefully be allowed to go their separate ways within a few days via a trade. It has been frustrating enough in the last two weeks for the Packers with Favre in Mississippi. His presence in camp will only disrupt the chemistry of the team well into the regular season. What good will come from it? Players will be asked to take sides and that will splinter the locker room. I can't imagine that the Packers want to deal with that scenario.

The Packers are being as stern but fair as possible with Favre. They have been throughout this offseason since Favre decided to announce his retirement from football in early March. They've offered to take him back in late March and they've offered him a lucrative personal services contract. Favre has rejected the Packers on both accounts.

Now Favre had decided he wants to keep playing football and isn't so sure about the personal services contract. Enough is enough. The Packers are doing the right thing by sticking with Rodgers. So, if the trade reports are true, look for Favre to touch down in Green Bay today and perhaps fly off to a different city early this week.

That absolutely will be the best-case scenario for the Green Bay Packers in this unprecedented and disappointing saga.

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