Commissioner: No tampering by Vikings

Meanwhile, the Vikings deny the Packers have asked about dealing the QB to Minnesota

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has ruled in favor of the Minnesota Vikings in the Packers' accusation of tampering with then-retired quarterback Brett Favre.

In his letter to the Packers and Vikings, Goodell said that while those involved acknowledged conversations between Favre and Vikings coaches, "None of those conversations suggest that Favre was soliciting a job or that other teams were soliciting his services."

The Packers had accused the Vikings of trying to coax Favre out of retirement, even while Favre remained under contract by Green Bay. Favre acknowledged talking to Vikings coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, but said the conversations stemmed from his friendship with them. Bevell was a quarterbacks coach in Green Bay under former coach Mike Sherman.

"Based on the information that we had, the Packers thought it was appropriate to bring this matter to the league's attention," the Packers said in a statement. "We respect the commissioner's investigation of this matter and we now consider it closed."

The Packers placed Favre on the roster. To make room, they placed impressive undrafted cornerback Condrew Allen on season-ending injured reserve with a knee injury.

Interestingly, while the team updated its official depth chart to reflect Allen's removal from the roster, Favre does not show up at quarterback.

Meanwhile, Childress denied a report the Packers have inquired about Minnesota's interest in acquiring Favre.

"My comment would be, I think that's the same journalist that wrote that there was a cell phone involved that the Packers gave (Favre)," Childress told reporters in Mankato, Minn., on Monday.

Queried again, Childress said: "Not to my knowledge. Bob (Hagan, the team's public relations director) showed me that article last night at 11 o' clock. I was in a personnel meeting with Rick (Spielman, vice president of player personnel) and George Paton (director of player personnel) until 11 o' clock with the coaches, so I have a pretty good idea how that went down. You know, you can shape the environment however you want, one way or the other. We haven't had any contact with them."

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