Here are some comments from Packers coach/general manager Mike Sherman on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:<p> on if defenses that play zone coverages give Favre most problems:<p>

"I wouldn't necessarily say that. But I do think in games like that you have to be patient as coaches and as players, and take what they give you. Sometimes we don't always do that. We try to make things happen that are not always necessarily there. We've been victim of that as coaches and players.

"It all comes back to him because the running game (against Minnesota) wasn't working well enough. That's what my major disappointment is. We were not efficient running the football against the Minnesota Vikings. If we can't run the football, more of the pressure goes on the passing game and the quarterback."

on Mike Flanagan playing guard:

"He can pull. He's athletic. ... I don't think he limits us too much other than the fact that he hasn't done a lot of it. Athletically he can do it. He doesn't have the size that Marco has." on intensity of game:

"As a player and as a coach this is really what you could ever hope for, to have two of the teams with the best records in the NFC and NFL. It will be a 15-round, knockout, dragout fight. That's the type of game and type of intensity and preparation that we have to have for that situation."

on if team will be hungrier coming off the loss to Vikings: "You get stung like that, it hurts a little bit. It was important that we put that back on the shelf and pull it out in three weeks (when the Packers and Vikings play on Dec. 8). We can't be hanging onto that game in preparation for this game.

"In the last couple of years we've had a history of bouncing back after a loss. Hopefully this will be the case as well against a very good opponent."

on not wanting to talk about advantages of homefield advantage:

"First of all we haven't won the division yet, so to talk about homefield advantage would be something that is against my nature. I don't think you ever do that until you've won the division. I think teams that do that, putting the cart before the horse end up wishing they hadn't."

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