A conversation with no good conclusion

The Packers want to move on and Favre wants to play. It's two positions with no middle ground. Packer Report's Bill Huber speculates on what was said in their hours-long meeting.

A look at the Green Bay Packers' depth chart — updated Monday — makes no mention of a certain freshly reinstated quarterbacking icon.

Maybe it means nothing. But, with no news from Monday's McCarthy-Favre Summit at 1265 Lombardi Ave., let's engage in some wild speculation, shall we?

At 6:03 p.m., Brett Favre sauntered into coach Mike McCarthy's office, exchanged no pleasantries, then launched into a diatribe.

Favre: Don't you know who I am? I'm Brett Favre. I built this place. I paid for that cushy office chair you're sitting on. I paid for your desk. Heck, my brilliant play last season is paying for that big new contract that Ted Thompson gave you. And speaking of two-faced Ted, it was because of my sterling play that he has a new contract, too, rather than bagging groceries down the road at Copps.

I'm Brett Favre, and the reason why this team used to be America's Team is because of me. And when I say used to, that's what I mean. Because you've lost a lot of fans with the way you're treating me. Or don't you listen to the radio or watch ESPN?

Come on, I'm Brett Favre. Let me compete with Aaron Rodgers. I'll eat him for lunch and make you guys look like a couple buffoons for wanting to "move forward" without me. You did hear the boos on Sunday night, didn't you?

If you think Aaron is so great, then give me my release. Or are you afraid of me? Are you afraid I'll tear up your defense for five touchdowns? Are you afraid half of the fans will show up wearing purple No. 4 jerseys on opening night? Admit it, Mike, you guys are scared to death of me trashing your big plan.

McCarthy: No, Brett, we're not scared of you. Without me, you were an aging quarterback, and most of the national media were screaming for you to retire. You were an interception machine who was too busy showing off your arm that you forgot how to read a defense.

I turned you into a great quarterback again, and I can turn Aaron into a quarterback who's good enough to win for us. It's Aaron's time. We all know you can still play, but we also need to look at the big picture. We've told Aaron that he's the quarterback. What if we change directions now? When his contract is up in two years, he's out of here, and then where are we?

The other day, I overheard a conversation between Cris Carter and this Bill Huber guy from Packer Report. Cris was saying that your constant waffling about retirement was a lot like calling the fire department all the time when the house isn't on fire. At some point, the house will be on fire but the fire department won't bother showing up. (Shameless plug: See next month's Packer Report for a Q&A with Carter.)

You've jerked us around for a couple of years. You retired. Then you changed your mind a few weeks later, but when me and Ted were going to come on down to welcome you back, you changed your mind again. Were we supposed to sit back and wait for you to change your mind another 10 times before getting your final answer?

Favre: C'mon, Mike. Just give Rodgers a contract extension now. You know, a bribe, to make him happy. You guys know all about bribes. Then let us compete. You know I'll win the job, and then when I finally do retire, you'll have your boy Rodgers ready to go.

McCarthy: We need to move forward, Brett. We want to win a Super Bowl, but because you can't take the cold anymore, you're going to prevent us from getting there.

Favre: Then give me my release.

McCarthy: No.

Favre: Why not? What are you afraid of?

McCarthy: Because you'll wind up in Minnesota, and with all of that talent there …

Favre: You're afraid that they'd beat your brains in twice and get to the Super Bowl with me, aren't you?


And so it went. Or maybe Favre and McCarthy were having a rollicking good time watching "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" with their wives on DVD in the coach's office and didn't want to be distrubed. OK, probably not.

The reason why Monday's meeting ran long is the same reason why the Packers and Favre have been at loggerheads for the last month. The Packers are ready to move on. Favre is not. If there were an easy solution, they would have reached it weeks ago.

Maybe on Tuesday, Favre and McCarthy will have found a happy middle ground. More likely, though, McCarthy will be forcing a smile through gritted teeth.

Favre will be back on the Packers. And maybe, he'll be listed somewhere on the depth chart.

Bill Huber writes for Packer Report. E-mail him at packwriter2002@yahoo.com

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