Mark Murphy's opening statement

The Packers' president calls it a ‘bittersweet' day

Here is a portion of Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy's opening statement from Thursday's news conference outlining the Brett Favre trade.

This is really a bittersweet time for the organization. I think we're all sad to see Brett Favre's career as a Packer end. We are glad that this matter has come to closure in a way that is good for the team and that is good for Brett. We have nothing but the highest regard for Brett and his family. We owe him a debt of gratitude for all he has accomplished on the field and for the impact that he has had for the state, and certainly what he has meant to the league.

I think all of us have said what a difficult situation this has been. We have tried to be fair and we have been very fair to Brett through this process, but ultimately we have always acted in the best interest of the Packers and our organization. We do want to have a long-term relationship with Brett. He will always be a Packer and he's very important to this organization.

Ted, Mike and I, I want to really stress, the three of us have been in complete agreement on every single decision that we have made in this process. I have tremendous respect for both Ted and Mike. Ted has been a true professional through this whole process. In my view, he has no ego. His thought process in every decision is what is in the best interest of this organization. I thought it was really masterful the way that Ted has handled this situation, particularly the trade, in unison with Russ Ball and John Schneider. I just really thought they handled that very well. I wanted to commend Ted for the way he has handled a very difficult situation.

Likewise, Mike has been solid as a rock through this whole process, and really I think one of the main reasons that we finally have had closure to this situation was the difficult and honest and frank conversations that Mike had with Brett. I have also been very impressed with the way Mike has handled this matter with the team. He has kept the team together, and that has not been easy, and he has handled it as a real pro.

I know as an organization we have taken hits, and it has split our fans, but it is important as we look to the future that we come together. I am very confident in the future of this organization and we will come through this process, a very difficult process, as a stronger, more unified organization. We're anxious to move forward and focus on the field with a goal of delivering a successful 2008 season to our fans.

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