‘The bribe' failed to break impasse

Team President Mark Murphy said he would ‘do things differently'

The 10-year, $20-something million personal services contract — aka, "the bribe" — offered to Brett Favre was seen as a way to break the stalemate between the then-retired quarterback and the Packers.

"As president of the organization," Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said, "we were in a very difficult spot — both Brett and the organization — and just wanted to meet with him face to face, and say, listen, ‘Is there a way to find a positive resolution for us and for you?'"

The move backfired badly, though. The contract was roundly seen as the Packers trying to bribe Favre to remain retired, and it failed to accomplish its goal. Plus, Murphy hinted the team was hurt when word of the offer leaked from Favre's camp.

"We have taken pride in this whole situation of being honest and fair and dealing with them openly," Murphy said. "I went down there trying to help Brett out of a situation, and help us out of a situation. I entered into discussions (that were) very private in nature. I thought they were sincere that this was a way to get out of a difficult situation. Obviously, as I look back on it, I would do things differently."

For the Packers, not only was it a way of trying to keep Favre in retirement, but the deal would have given the Packers license to continue to make Favre part of their marketing plans.

"The idea of the marketing deal made sense as maybe a way for us to resolve this," Murphy said. "But again, it was all based on, ‘This is only if you don't want to play. If you want to play, come back.' Again, he was in a difficult situation. We were not going to release him and we were not going to trade him in the division. Those are things he wanted. He wasn't sure about if he wanted to come back here. So, I think perhaps to have a marketing relationship with us was attractive. But ultimately, he decided he wanted to play, but not for Green Bay."

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