Time for fans to get behind Rodgers

Favre fans need to get over fact that he is gone and back the Pack, says Packer Report's Todd Korth

Enough is enough. It's time for Green Bay Packers fans to either get behind Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, or find something better to do.

Rodgers has been booed and heckled in practice, and he was booed during the team's intra-squad scrimmage. Believe it or not there are adults as well as kids cussing and swearing at the quarterback when he arrives at practice. And the Packers have yet to play a game with him as the starter.

To clarify a few things, that's the vocal and ridiculous minority of so-called Packers fans who are trying to get under Rodgers' skin. Polls throughout the Internet have shown that most Packers fans are behind Rodgers and the team, though, a few tend to spoil it for everyone. Like the lone idiot who loudly ripped on Rodgers throughout the entire morning practice on Friday.

"When asked about Packers fans after practice, Rodgers chuckled a little and then gave a politically correct remark, "We've got great fans. They're very passionate about our team. Obviously, they care about Brett deeply. You can't help but respect that. You just hope that at some point, you get the same kind of love, respect and admiration from the fans. I know I have to earn that, and the only way to earn that is to win games."

Rodgers definitely has the right mindset. He's got class. He knows what he has to accomplish. He doesn't have the starting experience, but he has been giving it his best throughout the offseason to not only develop a chemistry with teammates by inviting them to his house for get-togethers, but perfect his command of the offense in practice. So far, he's doing all he can on and off the field to prepare for the starts ahead.

"He's on time (with) his development," said Packers coach Mike McCarthy. "He's ready to play. There's no 'he needs to do this a little better, he needs to do that a little better.' He's ready to go. He needs to go out and play games. He has entered the last step, and he has benefited from playing behind Brett for three years. He's been in this offense for two years and this is his third training camp going through it. It's just time to play games. I'm very happy where he is, his footwork, his reads, his mechanics, understanding, all those things."

Yet, there are still a few bone-headed fans who despise Rodgers simply because he's replacing a legend. That's it, they know nothing else about him. Rodgers relayed to the Green Bay Press-Gazette his experiences in the past few weeks of getting sweared at by adults and children upon entering the players' parking lot at Lambeau Field for practice.

"When a little kid is yelling swear words at me, that kind of gets to me a little bit," Rodgers told the Press-Gazette. "The boos? They expect a high level of play, and they miss Brett Favre. I understand that. But the f-you and the little kids saying swear words, I don't understand that."

That's ridiculous. Those so-called fans are not Packers fans. They're a clan of misfits that should be kicked out of Green Bay. That's impossible to do, of course. Unfortunately, Rodgers will have to put up with it.

Rodgers has handled himself well over the past three seasons. He had every right to whine while sitting behind Favre but didn't. Instead, he has learned the offense and prepared for this time. It's his time to shine. McCarthy and Ted Thompson obviously feel the same way.

Favre shined in Green Bay for 16 years. He was a great quarterback and will be adored by many fans for a long time to come. But he's in New York now and Rodgers is in Green Bay. That's the reality.

If all goes well and the Packers win a few games early on this year, the vocal minority will go away like they usually do. In the meantime, let's support Rodgers in his effort to pick up where Favre left off.

"I'm still following Brett's legacy," Rodgers said. "There's high expecations on myself and the team. It's going to be a difficult situation out side this locker room that's put on me. I'm just trying to get better each day in training camp and trying to get this team to believe in me."

In time, let's hope Rodgers proves his doubters wrong.

Todd Korth writes for PackerReport.com and Packer Report magazine. E-mail him at packrepted@aol.com.

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