Coach's corner with Ben McAdoo

The tight ends coach breaks down the young players behind standout starter Donald Lee.

Quarterback isn't the only position where the Packers lack a backup with NFL experience.

Incumbent starter Donald Lee headlines the five tight ends in training camp. Lee played so well in his first season as the Packers' starter that he was rewarded with a four-year, $11.88 million contract in November. His 48 catches ranked 11th among NFL tight ends, his 575 yards ranked ninth and his six touchdowns ranked sixth.

Behind him, though, is Tory Humphrey, whose played in eight games in three NFL seasons but hasn't caught a pass. He missed all of last season with a broken leg and has missed a handful of practices this summer. Still, he's the most experienced of the backups.

Rookie Jermichael Finley, a third-round pick, played only two seasons at Texas. Undrafted rookie Joey Haynos started 12 games at Maryland. And undrafted Evan Moore played wide receiver at Stanford.

"The best thing about the guys in the tight end room is none of them have reached their potential yet," tight ends coach Ben McAdoo told Packer Report this week. "They're all working on getting better."

Here is McAdoo's breakdown of the kiddie corps behind Lee:

On Finley:

Jermichael's a young guy who's learning. We ask a lot of our guys. He's working hard. He's a guy who has a good, competitive spirit to him. He loves to compete, he loves to to play and he wants the ball in his hands. He's learning the fundamental part of the game right now and what we ask of our guys. He's an exciting and talented young player.

On Finley's lack of blocking skills coming out of Texas:

A lot of times, those guys don't have the time. The rules in college don't permit them to stay on the field like they used to. They're required to do more in the passing game as the game has evolved. So, that kind of pulls them away from the run game a little bit. As far as his ability and the way he's working at it, the fundamentals will come and he'll be a fine blocker.

On the athletic, 6-foot-6 Moore's transition to tight end

You always have hesitations any time you have a receiver come into the (tight end) room. You know, the first time they put their hand on the ground, it might not look quite right, and it might not feel quite right. Evan has come a long way in a short period of time. He's a smart young guy. It's important to him. He's definitely not afraid to stick his face in there.

On Haynos, and if his 6-foot-8 game limits his leverage as a blocker:

"He does a nice job. Even in the game here the other night, he does a nice job of keeping his pads down. He stays low in his stance. He's got strong knees. Pad level hasn't been a problem on the first level. Sometimes, he gets a little high on the second level. But everyone does. ... Rookies are still kind of working on getting their pads down because we've done a lot of practices in OTAs and in training camp without pads on. Joey's done a nice job. He's a physical blocker, and he's having a good, solid camp.

On the oft-injured Humphrey:

Tory's definitely getting back into the swing of things. He did a nice job the other night in the game. He's playing quick, playing fast. He catches the ball fairly well. He's a young guy just like the rest of them. He needs a few more years in the league. Like the rest of these young guys, he needs to get out there and play the game.

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