Favre in Jets green? That's repulsive

Seeing Favre in something other than a Packers uniform is like lunch coming before breakfast, Packer Report's Tyler Dunne says.

Literally seconds before he took the field, a smiling Brett Favre was on the sideline, cracking jokes with fellow quarterbacks. Only it was Kellen Clemens and Erik Ainge, not Ty Detmer, Matt Hasselbeck or Doug Pederson.

In his first drive, Favre tried that goofy fake jump-pass after pitching the ball to his running back, which is kind of like emulating a crooked, one-legged fadeaway jump shot after passing the basketball to a teammate. Same old Favre. Only the on-field Pop Warner theatrics came devoid of green and gold.

It's awkward seeing Favre in a New York Jets uniform. It's Team Angola's Idelfonso Carlos Antonio Kiteculo posterizing LeBron James for a dunk in a 40-point Angolan win. It's Michael Phelps doggy-paddling down his lane with swimmies on. It's Chad Johnson donating half his salary to charity and Michael Vick becoming a spokesman for PETA.

Daydream the most bizarre, impossible-to-imagine sports scene, and that's what DirecTV owners saw on Saturday night. (C'mon, get on cable, NFL Network.)

Favre officially broke away from the Green Bay Packers. Against Washington, Favre showed glimpses he will not decay into the zombies Joe Namath and Johnny Unitas became. In two series, Favre was 5-of-6 for 48 yards and one touchdown.

But think big picture: Will Favre's success this season surpass the disgusting sight in itself? Could the lines cross?

Michael Jordan couldn't pull it off — even at more than 20 points per game for two seasons, M.J. in Wizards blue was more gagging than the food contestants ate on "Fear Factor."

Emmitt Smith couldn't buck the trend. Same with Namath, Unitas, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. The media spotlight will be on Favre regardless, but the perception of him in a Jets uniform is unpredictable. Will casual viewers get over the repulsive sight? It's beyond strange. It's not right. Lunch doesn't come before breakfast. The sun doesn't rise in the west. Brett Favre does not wear anything but a Packers jersey.

Favre admitted it felt "weird" to wear a Jets jersey, and added that multiple Redskins players told him, "You don't look right."

Zinging laser slants to receivers, looking right then throwing a touchdown left to Dustin Keller, joking with officials at halftime — all in a New York Jets jersey. On Saturday night, this hyped-up awkwardness became a reality. Potential issues included.

Chemistry issues? Favre's 19-yard pass to Jerricho Cotchery — a "second-window slant" — was dependent on Cotchery continuing his route even with a defender on him. Many receivers would alter their route, Favre said. This is one of an infinite amount of play-to-play chemistry challenges he faces.

Age issues? Favre is older than his head coach, Eric Mangini. Could this seniority discrepancy speed bump turn into a road block? For now, Favre is outwardly accepting Mangini's authority, labeling it a "give and take" relationship. We'll see how egos interact when the games count.

Second-guessing issues? After his first practice with New York, Favre half-jokingly said he second-guessed his comeback. Everyone knows Favre wears his emotions proudly, political correctness be damned. If the Jets start 1-4, Favre has 12 picks and there's no fun to be had, could Favre's internal regrets became a story in itself? Maybe.

After a near-flawless game against the Redskins, Favre said he had feelings he hadn't felt in 17 years.

The commitment of starting over again seems to be more than what Favre expected. He sat on a high perch at 1265 Lombardi Ave. But that can change in a New York minute. Those cheers can turn to boos, and those freelanced, boneheaded interceptions won't be disregarded as "Brett being Brett" as easily as they were in Green Bay.  

But forget successes or failures. Forget how Favre will impact the 31st-ranked red-zone offense last year, or how he'll coexist with guys 15 years younger than him. For now, it's hard to get past stage one: Favre in gang green instead of Packer green.

The Packers have moved on. Most cheeseheads have moved on. But nobody can deny that Favre actually playing for a different team sure was an eyesore.

Even for Favre.

"I feel like I'm a Jet," he said. "Does that sound a little awkward and funny? Maybe a little bit."

Whether his play on the field can ever overcome this gagging awkwardness is a debate that could make Favre regret his comeback bid.

Tyler Dunne is a regular contributor to PackerReport.com and Packer Report magazine. E-mail him at tydunne07@yahoo.com.

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