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Here's what Packer head coach Mike Sherman had to say after his team's 21-7 loss to the Buccaneers Sunday in Tampa:<P>

On the loss:

"The first thing I want to say is I take my hat off to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jon Gruden had his team ready to go and they did a great job. They defended us. We only scored 7 points. We're a better offense than that, but they certainly made us look bad. They played tough defense and they were very opportunistic on offense. They did a nice job moving the football and taking advantage of some of the situations that we put ourselves in. But I take my hat off to Jon, his staff and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"When you come to a good team's home field, that's the way it goes. You had a great crowd, it was great atmosphere to play a football game. It was a hard-fought game up until the fourth quarter when we kind of unfolded there a little bit. But it was a hell of a football game, I'm just disappointed that we didn't have a better showing there at the end of the game than we did, but it was a hard-fought football game by two good teams. Hopefully we'll be able to see one another again sometime."

On his post-game confrontation with Sapp:

"In response to after the game, I just went up to Warren (Sapp) and told him I didn't appreciate the lick that he put on (Chad) Clifton and the joviality that existed afterward with a guy laying on the ground and numbness in his legs and his fingers. I just thought that wasn't appropriate for any NFL player. I have a lot of respect for the game and I just didn't think there was a place for that."

On what Sapp's reaction: "I don't think you want to hear what he said to me."

On Clifton:

"Chad was taken to the hospital . . . He's going to stay overnight in the hospital and we'll further evaluate that. At this present time I know he has a severely sprained hip, and we're going to investigate some other issues as well." On Tampa's defense:

"They always play us well, I can't pick one over the other. I was excited about the way we started the game and moved the football. The Donald Driver touchdown, I thought we had some things going. I thought we had them on their heels a little bit, certainly they shored things up and they played a whale of a ballgame."

On reason behind Brett Favre's four interceptions:

"On those interceptions, I'll be honest with you, give them to me, because we got a little too aggressive there and we got away from our plan. That was my fault. I felt like at the end of the half we wanted to get out of the half because we were backed up on the 9-yard-line, and we were very conservative trying to get field position, which did in fact result in a field goal to make it 7-3. We came out in the second half and probably lost some patience there. They were giving us a fair amount of 2-deep coverage, probably should have stuck with the run game a little bit more, so I fault myself for losing patience there." On Favre:

"Brett Favre prepares like a champion every single week of his life and he goes to the next game. As long as he prepared the way he prepares he should have no regrets whatsoever, other than feeling disappointment that we lost the football game, just like every other 53 players and 17 coaches in that locker room."

"I think he's disappointed, but no I don't think he's frustrated one bit. He's going to come back to work and, trust me, you'll see better days from Brett Favre, I guarantee you that, and the rest of us."

On Marco Rivera playing with an injured MCL: "I can't say enough about Marco. I thought he did a great job of blocking the entire ballgame. Here's a guy that has an MCL, and to be able to play in this ballgame, I thought he did a hell of a job."

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