I'm going to try and make this story long and I mean try, so I can earn some extra cash for the holidays. But how can I make anything extra when our Green Bay Packers are committing the same mistakes for the second week in a row. To make matters worse what happened in that two-minute drill before the half?<p>

Last Sunday's game between the Packers and Buccaneers was billed as the NFC Championship preview. Homefield advantage throughout the playoffs was riding on this game. The game started out, unlike last week against Minnesota, very aggressive. The Pack took what the number one defense in the National Football League would give them running the ball, the screen, the run, short pass and again the run.

The point is, you this would be one heck of a game and a low scoring one at that. So you dink and dunk and are patient for the big play to develop. Heck the Bucs realized the importance of this game and how tough it would be to get points on the board and how critical it is not to have any turnovers. The Bucs played the dink and dunk game to perfection. You see good teams capitalize on turnovers. The Bucs committed one early and the Pack scored to take a 7-0 lead.

But then the Pack got conservative toward the end of the first half and the Bucs capitalized with a field goal. From there the Pack gave the Buccaneers every chance to win by being impatient and going downfield, and turning the ball over on interceptions.

We hear each week from coaches and players how tough it is to win in this league. How any team can be beaten on any given Sunday, so why help them? Turnovers on Sunday (4) led to 15 points. Just to remind you the score was 21-7, and if I do my math correctly and we eliminate 15 points the Pack wins a 7-6 nail-biter. That's what's so frustrating about these two (Vikings/Bucs) losses. It would be different if there had been guys hanging on quarterback Brett Favre's arm or he was scrambling for his life but it wasn't the case, sure he had pressure but a majority of the time Favre had time to throw the football on rhythm. So either Favre's in a slump or the receivers are.

You'd think with five more games to play before the playoffs and a possibility of a bye the tempo would have picked up a notch. It seems to be going the other way and this it not the time to be having a losing streak this late in the season against NFC opponents and especially if they're divisional.

We have talked about the youth on this team. Well this is the time of the season when they will be tested. The length of the season brings on emotions other than football. One is the distraction of the holidays. Your family and friends making holiday plans and the idea of trying to get the holiday shopping list completed. If you didn't know, the players do get a 30% discount in the Packer Pro Shop. So you have everybody in the world looking for Packer items and tickets for the playoffs. So is this reason the players lost the last two weeks? Well they sure haven't stayed focused from start to finish, and Sunday's game was another good example.

For those of you who didn't see the end of game when defensive tackle Warren Sapp came up to shake Packer coach Mike Sherman's hand, there was a confrontation. Listening to some audio Sapp had Sherman upset about the hit he put on left tackle Chad Clifton after one of Favre's interceptions. I don't have a problem with the hit as long as he didn't stand over Clifton and taunt him as he lay moaning on the ground in pain. We saw that same hit on Monday Night Football a few months ago when Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis threw the same block on a defensive back, but when you have a 300-pound lineman throwing a blindsided block on another lineman something has to give. Unfortunately it was Clifton's hip.

Next up for the Pack are the Chicago Bears. Hopefully Packer fans and players will forget about the past two weeks. Why? Because the Packers are playing at home. While the football gods have kept the Packers winless recently at places they seem to have bad luck, the team never seems to lose at Lambeau Field ... unless it turns the ball over four times.

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