Here are letters e-mailed to Packer Report editor Todd Korth after Green Bay's 21-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday in Tampa:<p>

Hi Packer Report, This morning's newscasts in New York showed a videoclip of Sapp's hit on Chad Clifton as well as the heated argument between Mike Sherman and Sapp. All the newscasts said that the hit was "dirty and cheap" and that it basically cast a black cloud on Tampa's overall defensive effort.

I think Mike Sherman did the right thing by defending his players and calling attention to Sapp's "lack of class and professionalism." Isn't it an unwritten rule that you never gloat over a player's injury?

You know what they say about payback! Let's hope the Pack gets the opportunity to "retaliate" with a rematch down the road?


PACKER offense and defense play execution in the last two games (Vikes and Bucs) can be described as a few islands of brilliance in a sea of mediocrity. Favre passes are incomplete or intercepted because he either tries to force the issue or his receivers run a route only they know about. The opposition continues to get good field position on kickoffs and punts.

The coaching in the last two minutes of the first half during Bucs game was atrocious. Instead of mounting an aggressive offense and possibly getting TD or at least in field goal range they used running plays, which had proven to be ineffective against the Bucs defense, thereby going three and out, giving the ball to the Bucs who proceeded to get three points ending the half at 7-3 instead of maybe 10-zip in favor of the PACK.

We have five games left - the PACK needs to win them all. Let's develop a "we will win" mindset, play aggressively and just do it. WE ARE THE GREEN BAY PACKERS! GO PACK!

William Rosensteel, Jr., Pismo Beach, CA.

Scott Rosensteel, Arroyo Grande, CA.

As I sit here and watch the Tampa game,I am disgusted with Mike Sherman,and Tom Rossley's game plan.If you remember what the Packers did last year against the Baltimore Ravens,who had the #1 rank defense,as the Bucs do this year.Spread the field with 4 wide receivers,and a single back set.As I recall,Brett had a career high game that day,and we won the game.I'm trying to figure out why their calling such a conservative game,with many 3 & outs,it's no wonder Tampa's moving the ball,the defense is getting tired.

If you recall earlier in the year, the Packer Report printed one of my letters welcoming Terry Glenn to the Packers with a clean slate as long as he gave 100% on the field. Well after watching the way he quit on his routes today, causing 2 interceptions, one that the Pack was in the Bucs red zone, I now question his heart, it seems he's affraid to get hit, put Robert Ferguson, or Javon Walker in there. We've now dropped 2 in a row,and getting home field for the playoffs,or rebounding from these losses,and making the playoffs,looks to be jeopardy.It's gut check time guys,"HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT"?????

Peter Schwind Wapakoneta Ohio

Brett could use some help from Terry Glenn I hate not seeing the team play. Is Brett making that bad of throws or what is happenining?I don't know how far they can go in the playoff's but I for one will not count them out. Special teams sucks Gordon needs to get replaced or something big has to happen. I know that this team can still go all the way but they have got to regroup and play the type of football that they can play is something that has to happen. John

"Don't Sweat The Losses"

Packer Report,

Yes, the Packers just lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today. And yes, this followed a loss to the Minnesota Vikings a week ago. SO WHAT! The Packers still sit atop the NFC North Division with an 8-2 record. They will win the division and they will go the playoffs. This fact is not in doubt. I'm sure there are some people out there that are thinking to themselves, "The Pack have lost two in a row". "Green Bay is in trouble". To this I say, No they're not! In fact, this reminds of a certain season past that I'm sure many remember. In this particular season the Packers were riding high, win after win. Then they lost back to back games to the Chiefs and the Cowboys. Many thought they were in trouble then. And what did the Packers do? They ran out the rest of the season victorious, dominated the playoffs, and won the Super Bowl! The year was 1996. Do you all remember? I do. So don't sweat the losses.

Jim Groth, Normal, Ill.

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