Clifton's injury serious

Packers offensive tackle Chad Clifton remains in a Tampa hospital is could miss the rest of the season due to ligament damage in his pelvic region, the Packers announced.<p>

Clifton was injured on a hit delivered by Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp during Brian Kelly's 31-yard interception return midway through the third quarter. After being carted off the field he was taken to a Tampa-area hospital, where he remained as of Monday, undergoing further diagnostic tests.

"He has a massive collection of blood in his pelvis, which is not good," head coach Mike Sherman said. "What he actually did was separated the ligaments, both front and back, that hold the pelvis together -- a pretty serious injury. There's a chance that he could be done for the season. We'll do more tests when he comes back here later in the week."

According to the Packers, Clifton is currently unfit to make the plane trip back to Green Bay. A date for his return has not been set.

Sherman said he couldn't comment on the full extent of the injury until Clifton returns to Green Bay and is reexamined by the team's medical staff.

Asked if Clifton's injury is career threatening, Sherman said, "That hasn't been presented to me, but what has been presented to me is that it could end the season for him." Clifton's injury has been in the limelight after coach Sherman let Sapp know immediately after the game what he thought of the Bucs' celebration as Clifton was motionless on the Raymond James Stadium turf. Those antics, plus the hit itself, remain the subject of controversy.

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