Jones, Pickett planning to return next week

Josh Sitton's knee injury may keep him out for a while

Wide receiver James Jones, defensive tackle Ryan Pickett and guard Josh Sitton were in the locker room during the last two days after practice. All three play key roles on offense and defense for the Green Bay Packers but have been out of action with leg injuries.

Jones (knee sprain) and Pickett (hamstring) both feel that they will be ready to practice next week as the team prepares for its season opener Sept. 8 against Minnesota. Sitton's knee sprain appears to be a little more serious.

Here are some comments by the three on their injuries:


On if he will be able to practice next week: "That's our plans, for me to be out there the first practice next week. ... I definitely can use that week of practice since I haven't had any camp. I don't know how many practices I need, but I know the defense. I know the scheme."

On how many practices he will need to be ready to play after missing most of training camp: "I'm in pretty good shape. My weight is real good. I feel like I'll have no problem just getting out and playing."

On what he plans to do this weekend: "I'm going to be rehabbing. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here two to three times a day, trying to get ready for the Minnesota game."


On how he feels: "I'm fine. It's a knee bruise, a little sore, but other than that, I'm fine. I keep on getting treatment every day and it gets better. Takes a little soreness away. I'll be out there Monday (for practice)."

On how he was injured during game at Denver: "On the pass into the end zone, I tried to get my feet down and I came down right on my kneecap. They said I sprained my knee pretty bad. They said if could have been a lot worse, but my knee is pretty strong. Thanks to the Lord I was able to come out with just a knee sprain."

On if the knee felt worse the next day after the Broncos preseason game: "Oh, yeah. That night I felt like I could go back in, but the next day it felt like my career was over. It was sore, but then I came in here, got treatment and it loosened back up once again and I felt like I could practice. It's getting better every day and I'll be fine."


On how his knee feels: "It feels good. It's a little sore, but as a few days have gone on, it feels better and it's still getting better. It's not hurting that bad."

On the timetable the doctors have given him: "They tell me I'm week to week. We'll see as the days go on."

On if it is an ACL, MCL or other type of ligament injury: "I don't know. They tell me I'm week to week and it's a knee sprain."

On his level of frustration after being in the starting lineup for most of camp: "If you get frustrated about something like this, it's just going to affect you when you get back. I've got to look at the positives. It could have been worse. I'm going to be back for the season. I don't want to get frustrated about it or it will affect me when I come back. I just going day to day with it and trying to get it better. That's all I'm thinking about."

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