Flynn makes pitch for No. 2

Seventh-round pick outplays Brohm again and is too talented to expose to waivers to acquire a veteran backup. Flynn, while probably not ready for prime time, has a knack for making things happen, Packer Report's Bill Huber says.

Matt Flynn will be the No. 2 quarterback.

He has to be. Because it can't be Brian Brohm.

It's foolish to think it was a colossal blunder to select Brohm in the second round. You don't throw for 6.1 miles in college (that's 10,775 yards, if you prefer the standard football measuring stick) by being a rag-armed, no-talent bum.

Sure, he throws too many passes that would have the Ducks Unlimited crowd scrambling for their shotguns and their retrievers on point, but maybe that's just a rookie who's thinking too much and maybe a little (or a lot) frustrated about his play.

Still, it's a scary proposition when your assumed No. 2 quarterback completes 7-of-12 passes for 52 yards, gets sacked four times and coughs it up twice, like Brohm did Thursday against Tennessee, yet that was his best preseason game of the four.

Brohm finished the exhibition slate with a quarterback rating of 45.2. He led the Packers to three points in the four games, a four-play scoring drive that moved the ball all of 2 yards against San Francisco.

Here's the deal. The Packers can't cut Brohm. No way you can release an early-round draft pick that you gave $900,000 just for the courtesy of signing his contract.

So, the only question for Packers general manager Ted Thompson is whether to head into the season with Aaron Rodgers, Brohm and Flynn as the quarterbacks, or Rodgers, Brohm and Recycled Veteran as the quarterbacks.

Signing Recycled Veteran to be the No. 2 might seem like a good idea. Never mind Rodgers' injury history; his out-of-the-pocket style puts him harm's way more often. But Recycled Veteran's place on the roster would come at Flynn's expense, and any chance of stashing Flynn on the practice squad is long gone after Thursday's gritty two-touchdown performance.

The Packers didn't draft Flynn, then watch him steadily outplay the more decorated Brohm in every preseason game, only so they could release him. Flynn might not be ready to lead the team should Rodgers miss a game or two, but his productivity might make it worth the gamble.

"I don't know," Flynn said when asked if he'd done enough to be the No. 2 quarterback. "It's not my decision to be made. I put my best foot forward, and I can just control what I do. I'm proud to be part of this team right now, and I'm proud of the job the guys did out there in the fourth quarter."

That's about the only indecisiveness Flynn showed on Thursday. Facing the same Titans defense that Brohm couldn't solve, Flynn completed 8-of-13 passes for 77 yards.

"I feel like I did well," Flynn said. "Didn't have as much success as we wanted to at the beginning, but we kept fighting and fighting hard. I feel like I played pretty well. I executed well."

The knock on Flynn coming out of LSU was his lack of arm strength, but it seems no worse than Brohm's. Where Brohm seems to be aiming every pass and trying to float every pass into a perfect spot, Flynn just throws it. And Flynn's athleticism is an extra dimension, as he showed on the game-ending touchdown pass.

Flynn has one intangible in his favor, and it's a biggie. He's a winner. Not that Brohm isn't, but Flynn led LSU to four come-from-behind victories en route to winning the national championship last season. Some players have magic inside him, and while this isn't meant to anoint him a future Hall of Famer or even a player with a chance to be a decent starter down the road, Flynn seems to have a little something extra in him.

"It was a lot of fun," Flynn said of the late-game theatrics. "That's what you play the game for is moments like that. It's just a great time. I was in that situation a lot last year at LSU (with) last-minute drives at the end of the game. It's a blast. I love the game, I love playing."

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