Packer Report pundits predict ...

In a nod to how competitive this game figures to be, our panel splits down the middle 4-4.

Todd Korth (2-0)

Packers 34, Cowboys 21

Tony Romo has gotten off to a great start, but Green Bay's defense should be able to slow the Cowboys on the Lambeau Field turf. Redemption for Al Harris! Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers will lead the Packers to a 3-0 start by picking apart the Cowboys' secondary while the rushing attack takes advantage of Roy Williams' absence.

W. Keith Roerdink (2-0)

Cowboys 31, Packers 27

This is definitely a game the Packers could win. I'll just need to see it happen. Aaron Rodgers should find plenty of holes in the Dallas defense if he can avoid the rush of DeMarcus Ware. But it's the Packers' defense that's going to have its hands full on Sunday. Dallas has a ridiculous amount of weapons from T.O. to Patrick Crayton to Jason Witten to human hammer Marion Barber. But it's the five giants bodyguarding Tony Romo that will hold the key to the game. If the blitz-happy Eagles defense couldn't get to him, how will the Packers?

Tom Andrews (2-0)

Cowboys 27, Packers 20

In a game that promises to be a prime-time dogfight, the Cowboys bring a few too many weapons for Green Bay to handle. The Packers' defense must find a way to put some serious pressure on Tony Romo, and that will be a tall order. If Aaron Kampman, KGB and Cullen Jenkins find a way to get in his face, he will likely dump it off to stud running back Marion Barber or tight end Jason Witten, though Witten may not be as effective as usual due to his shoulder injury. If Green Bay can't get to Romo, he'll have a field day passing to Terrell Owens and Co. On offense, much will depend on the Packers' ability to run, at least enough to keep Dallas honest. If it can't, DeMarcus Ware and his playmates figure to make life miserable for Aaron Rodgers.

Tyler Dunne (2-0)

Packers 31, Cowboys 28

Green Bay forces Dallas into crucial mistakes in the fourth quarter to punch in a signature win. Mistakes cost Philadelphia last week against the Eagles, so Aaron Rodgers must be flawless at the controls. But at Lambeau, the Packers will take Tony Romo out of his element and win a tight one.

Bob Fox (2-0)

Packers 34, Cowboys 30

The Packers will face their toughest test of the young season. Aaron Rodgers will continue what he started in Dallas last season and have a fine game. The Green Bay defense will have Charles Woodson and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, unlike last year in Dallas, and the Packers' defense should be able to slow Tony Romo and the Cowboys' offense a little and force him into a couple of mistakes. Special teams could be a huge factor in how this game turns out.

Bill Huber (1-1)

Cowboys 30, Packers 20

Last week's Cowboys-Eagles game provides a clash of thoughts. One part of me sees what Donovan McNabb and his OK receiving corps did against the Cowboys, and envisions Aaron Rodgers and his top-flight receivers having an even bigger night. The other part of me wonders how the Packers will slow Dallas' defense considering what the Cowboys did to Jim Johnson's unit. In the end, games are won up front, and Dallas has the better lines.

Matt Tevsh (1-1)

Packers 38, Cowboys 31

The Cowboys and Packers are back under the bright lights, just like they should be. No non-divisional matchup in the league has quite as much tradition and interest around the country. I expect another shootout, just like last Monday night's Cowboys-Eagles game. While both defenses are good, there are simply too many playmakers to handle. In the end, the home field and a patient Aaron Rodgers give the Packers the edge.

Doug Ritchay (1-1)

Cowboys 31, Packers 24

I hear Jessica Simpson is going to be at Lambeau Field. If that's true, that'll likely be the key to the game. She may do just enough (if you know what I mean) to sway Al Harris' attention from T.O. to open up a chance for the game-winning TD late. Afterward, Jeery Jones decides to prance Simpson on the sideline of all upcoming Cowbopys games. That's not fair.

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