Sydney Speaks! Dallas is just better

Packer Report's Harry Sydney provides his post-game analysis of coaching, offense and defense in wake of Green Bay's loss Sunday night to the Cowboys

Ask yourself: Did this game live up to all the hype and did you find out what you needed to know or not? Or did you come to the conclusion that unless something changes the next time, if there is a next time, it won't be any different. As I watched the Packer-Cowboys game some things just jumped out at me, so let me tell you what I they were.

Coaching - I saw Bob Sanders do certain things that made me believe that he does pay attention. I liked the way he changed up their secondary scheme by putting Charles Woodson on T.O. underneath and having a safety over the top. To me he was telling the world as well as the team that that guy wasn't going to beat them, and he didn't with only two catches for meaningless yardage.

I also liked the fact that Sanders put Brandon Chillar on Jason Witten because that's why they went out and signed him in free agency, wasn't it? He did as good a job as anyone on him. I thought the defensive scheme was actually very well thought out because almost everything and everyone was accounted for that they could account for. But the problem is that coach's coach and players play and the showdown that happened Sunday night was more about the players than anything.

Offense - Like always when it comes to the offense it always has to do with the quarterbacks and on this night the edge went to Tony Romo over Aaron Rodgers. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like Rodgers played bad. It was just the fact that he didn't do anything to make things happen and Romo made the best out of the opportunities that came his way as well as overcoming himself after he threw the interception in the end zone that Nick Collins picked off and ran back for a big return.

The Cowboys' running game duo of Marion Barber and Felix Jones might become the best combination in the league. Marion Barber runs with evil intentions as he attacks defenders while Felix Jones has enough speed to make anyone that's trying to run with him look like their feet is in quicksand. This is another position that anyone in their right mind would have to say that Brandon Jackson and/or Ryan Grant at this time can't be compared nor for that matter have their names mentioned in the same category or sentence as the backs from Dallas.

Thus far I haven't found an edge yet, but I'm getting close and that happens when it comes to the receivers. If we want to say that Greg Jennings had an outstanding day I couldn't argue that point at all and as a matter of fact Donald Driver played well for that matter, but neither one of them had a day like Miles Austin, did they?

So as for right now, none of the skilled positions have a check by them saying they were better. Oh, did I forget the tight end position? Jason Witten versus who? The Packers don't even have anyone on their roster that Brady Poppinga can't cover and everyone knows the struggles he's had.

I really want to give the edge to the offensive line, but how can I when Rodgers seemed to be running for his life at different times. Of course some of those sacks were because Aaron was trying to make something happen as well as they were coverage sacks, like when he had to take that sack before half.

Because of all these factors that I talked about just on Dallas' offense the coaches had to feel like they were between a rock and hard place, especially on offense because how could the offense afford to get in a shootout with the Cowboys? McCarthy got caught up trying to out-think the Cowboys instead of doing whatever it took to score.

Defensively - The crazy thing is I don't think the Packers can play any better and I know that sounds crazy after they gave up over 100 yards to Barber and another big run to Jones, but they had to pick their poison. Actually the Packers defensive line put more pressure on Romo than I thought they could.

I have to tip my hat to Cullen Jenkins because he played his behind off and elevated his level of play. As a matter of fact the defensive line hustled and gave super effort, but then again did it matter?

As for the linebacking group, I thought A.J. Hawk had an excellent game and showed just how physical he can play, meeting face-to-face with Barber and getting the best of him.

Nobody can argue with the decision to play Charles Woodson on T.O. was excellent but someone forgot to let the other Cowboys receivers, especially Miles Austin, that he's not supposed to take advantage of golden opportunities and make big plays.

I think the one thing that we should take from the game, whether we like it our not, is the fact that DALLAS IS JUST BETTER!!!!!!

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