Lineman confined to a wheelchair

Chad Clifton is at home with his family but is still unable to walk and will be confined to a wheelchair for the next three to four weeks, Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman said today. Clifton suffered a severe hip injury as a result of a blind-sided block by Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp in a game on Nov. 24.<p>

Clifton is expected to miss the remainder of the season. Sherman said that the offensive tackle "will more than likely" be placed on season-ending injured reserve once the team finds a player to take his roster spot.

"He has struggled getting out of a wheelchair and walking, according to our trainers," Sherman told reporters today. "He is still struggling with that part of it. He's three or four weeks away from just walking."

Sherman said it is difficult to tell at this point when Clifton will be able to walk, or if surgery is needed to repair separated pelvis ligaments, which caused blood to collect in that area. He had numbness in his legs and toes immediately following the hit by Sapp and will continue to be evaluated and treated for any further injuries.

"There may be surgery where they have to put a plate in there," Sherman said. "There's a possibility of that. But that has not been decided and it will not be decided for another month just to see how he heals."

Clifton returned to Green Bay last Wednesday after spending two days in a Tampa hospital. He is at home with his family resting his sore hip.

Center Mike Flanagan started in place of Clifton in Green Bay's 30-20 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, and veteran Frank Winters started at center. Flanagan and Winters are expected to start at those positions for the rest of the season.

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