Sherman Sez

Here's what Packer Head Coach/GM Mike Sherman had to say after his team beat the visiting Chicago Bears 30-20 in an eventful game at Lambeau Field Sunday:<P>

On the Packers' slow start:

"We certainly didn't execute the way we need to execute. I don't think we were flat - we have nothing to be flat about. You're trying to win the division, you're playing the Bears, you're playing at home...there is absolutely, positively no reason to be flat today. We just didn't perform very well in the first half." On back-up running back Tony Fisher's success:

"As much as we like to say this is a perfect science, it certainly isn't. I'm glad that we were able to get him to come to us. We recognized his talents at the beginning of the season to keep him on our roster. It is not a perfect science and that is evident by the fact that we have three rookie undrafted free agents on our team."

On DT Rod Walker's fumble recovery:

"That's a significant play. That's a 10-point swing there because they were in fact going in to score seven. We're able to get it (the ball) and drive it 90 yards and kick a field goal. Our offense responded to that turnover. We've been very good in short yardage situations."

On Javon Waker's touchdown-saving tackle:

"I think it was maybe the biggest play of the game. That would have been devastating going into halftime with them getting those seven points. Walker chasing him down and making that play was very significant to this football game."

On the division title: "It's certainly one of the goals we set out to achieve this season. It's very significant, but it's certainly not the ultimate goal that we set for ourselves. If we want to achieve that we have to make some improvements on how we played in the first half of this football game." On injuries:

"Darien Gordon bruised his sternum on a punt return, but was able to return to the ballgame. Terry Glenn made a great diving catch for us, but had the wind knocked out of him on that diving catch and returned to the game as well. Tyrone Williams did not finish the game with an aggravated hamstring. Ahman Green, thought it was a quad contusion...looked like a knee cap bruise. He returned briefly but showed no strength in the leg, so we took him out."

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