Sydney Speaks! Don't be that guy!

Packer Report's Harry Sydney provides his usual straight-on analysis of the Packers' loss Sunday to the Atlanta Falcons.

The Packers are sitting 2-3 after taking a slide after losing 3 straight games and everyone just might want to blame someone or something so I just want to make sure the figures are being pointed in the right place and for the right reason.

I know some of you want to still cry the blues about the decision that Ted Thompson made and I say to you don't be so foolish. It's over, Brett's gone. It's Aaron's team now so let's move on, can we? So let's get that out the way now and forever otherwise this season just might be too painful for many of you. It is what it is so deal with it or move on. So let's look at the different contribution that lead to this loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coaching - As long as I have been around football injuries have always been a part of the game and as coaches their job is to put the players in position to be successful regardless. As I look at the defensive side of the ball the front seven just aren't getting it done. They aren't getting it done against the run and they aren't putting any pressure on the quarterback either and that falls at the feet of the coordinator Bob Sanders. Ryan for Atlanta never was rattled and he's a rookie quarterback he should have never been allowed to get comfortable he should have been blitzed all day long his jersey doesn't even need to be washed. Even though he might be blitzing more this year they still aren't getting home and besides that everyone sees them coming.

Bob Sanders needs to be more creative especially with the lack of pure talent on the defensive line. He must change something up because the linebackers are being exposed as being nothing but side to side runners. So if you want to get upset get upset because the linebackers are getting over powered and the defensive line can't stop the run or get to the quarterback and the team is suffering because of that.

Then on the offensive side of the ball get upset because Mike McCarthy has turned into "AIR MIKE" forget all that stuff about wanting to run the ball because against the Falcons he had an opportunity to do just that after Grant had a nice long run breaking tackles but he didn't. I know that every coach has a philosophy when it comes to kicking onside kicks and I'm not sure what school McCarthy goes to but with two timeouts you fake and onside kick and pin them deep because most of the guy's on the hands team aren't blockers so you pin them deep use your time outs and get the ball back with maybe 35 seconds left needing nothing but a field goal and only needing about 30 yards to get in Mason Crosby's range for a tie and chances to get to overtime.

But like I have said before coaches coach and players play and some did and some really didn't show up. But then again it depends on what your state of mind is doesn't it. This is how I saw it.

Offense - Aaron Rodgers made a mistake on that interception plain and simple I'm not going to make any excuses for him, just like I didn't allow Brett to have any. Rodgers gets no free pass, either. That was his mistake. I don't care if its 3rd and 19 or not you don't throw interceptions.

Even though I called McCarthy "AIR MIKE" one might understand why when he has the weapons like Greg Jennings and even Tory Humphrey looked better than any tight end we've seen in a while. Just like it was nice to see Donald Driver and Aaron connect for that long touchdown that Donald got his hand stepped on.

This wasn't a game where there wasn't any offense it was a game when there wasn't enough offense at the right time. Grant had his best game of the year and was getting stronger as the game went on. They scored 24 points which should have been enough to win.

Defense - This is one of those games that allows you to point many fingers at everyone, except Tramon Williams because he has emerged in my opinion as a player that has to be on the field, so Al Harris you better hurry up. Besides Charles Woodson there wasn't another play maker on the field.

The defensive line ... all of them never showed up. They let a rookie quarterback make a name on them. Then it was good to see A.J. Hawk on the field but if he wasn't going to do any better than that he should have rested more. By the way did anyone see Nick Barnett or Brady Poppinga around a tackle?

Trust me, there was so much wrong with what happened to the Packers on Sunday. The play calling was bad, the defense couldn't stop anybody, and the penalties were ridiculous again. Notice I said again because it seems to be a problem that they keep talking about fixing.

So like I have said blame the play calling, the lack of defense or the lack of quality players but don't blame Aaron Rodgers because Brett isn't here "DON'T BE THAT GUY" because if you are you ought to be ashamed!!!!!

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