Q&A with Ryan Grant

Running back Ryan Grant talks about improving the 'little things' to get back on winning track

Q: How shell-shocked is this locker room now that you are 2-3?
Ryan Grant:
We're professionals. We're surprised and frustrated. I don't know about shell-shocked. There's a lot of football left and part of our job is to be professional and kick it in for next week, be ready to do whatever it takes to get prepared for Seattle. We need to go in there and take care of business. Of course guys are frustrated.

Q: After last season, did you think a three-game losing streak was possible this year?
It's possible and we're going to do whatever it takes to change that momentum as a team. It's the little things. We need to clean it up."

Q: Did you try to do too much against the Falcons?
As an offense, you want to control the ball. You don't want to try to off-set anything that they do. They have a good running game and they showed that. We had our game plan. It was a good game plan, but we didn't get it done. It's the little things. If you look at the film, we're not playing good football. We need to play consistent four quarters.

Q: Once you got it going on the ground, you were able to move the ball against the Falcons. What did you do differently in the second half?
We were able to do some things, especially in the second half. We did get a little momemtum with that, but like I said, inconsistency. We have to be more consistent.

Q: What is the key to getting off to a faster start?
It starts at practice and it's guys doing whatever it takes individually to pull it together. We need to start fast as an offense. That has always been a motto for us. You want to put points up once you get on the field.

Q: How much do the fundamentals-type practices during the week help as a team?
I think it helped. There's still little things we need to clean up, some fundamentally. Things that we've been doing from Day 1 - plays, schemes, execution-wise, whatever. We need to get better on things that we shouldn't be making mistakes on, including me. I need to do more across the board.

Q: How much did Aaron Rodgers have to gut it out against the Falcons?
A lot. He needs to be commended. He was in a tremendous amount of pain. You could see it. He had to be tough. I'm sure he got hit a couple of times on his shoulder. We appreciate that he did that as one of the leaders of the team. He got it done. He came out and showed a real gutsy performance.

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