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By a 5-3 vote, our staff thinks the Colts' Peyton Manning-led offense has too many weapons for the Packers' defense to handle today.

Todd Korth (4-2)

Packers 27, Colts 24

The Packers have all the incentive in the world not to come out flat, like they did in their previous home game against Atlanta. Green Bay has lost three of its last four home games dating to the NFC championship game and have a weekend off next week. Plus, they have a chance to maintain their grip on first place in the NFC North Division. All of that combined should be enough for the Packers to climb to 4-3.

Tom Andrews (4-2)

Colts 34, Packers 23

The good news for Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers is feeling better and Ryan Grant is starting to flash signs of his running brilliance from a year ago. The bad news for Green Bay: They don't get to play Charlie Frye or Jon Kitna this week. Peyton Manning and the Colts are back with a vengeance after destroying the Ravens, 31-3 last week. Manning threw for 271 yards and three TDs and appears fully recovered from his knee surgeries. Even though the Colts' running game has issues with Joseph Addai being out, how will the Packers keep up with Manning-to-Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez and Dallas Clark? This one shapes up as a Lambeau Field shootout, but the Colts appear to have more bullets.

Bill Huber (3-3)

Colts 34, Packers 31

This one is simple. Dallas' Tony Romo picked apart the Packers' defense because he had all day to throw. Other than Aaron Kampman, the Packers have nobody who can harass Peyton Manning. Manning is a better quarterback than Romo and he's got more weapons. So, like I said, this one is simple. Then again, I'm 3-3. I'd do just as well flipping a coin.

W. Keith Roerdink (3-3)

Colts 28, Packers 24

As well as the Packers' secondary has played without Al Harris and Atari Bigby, they haven't faced a quarterback even close to the caliber of Peyton Manning. Hardly a one-man show, Manning will be dropping footballs out of the sky to Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison and tight end Dallas Clark. That running back Joseph Addai is hurt doesn't really matter. And with the problems the Packers have had stopping the run, Dominic Rhodes could give them fits — even if Justin Harrell takes the field. Yes, that was sarcasm. Expect Green Bay to continue its commitment to the run in hopes of keeping Manning off the field, but for the Pack to have a chance, Aaron Rodgers will have to continue finding Greg Jennings on those long hook-ups. It should be a great game, but this was one of those games you thought would be a loss when the schedule came out and there's no reason to think otherwise now — especially given some of the injuries on defense.

Tyler Dunne (3-3)

Colts 35, Packers 27

Indy has too much firepower for Green Bay's still-mangled defense to account for. Peyton Manning showed signs of his old self last week. If the Packers try to isolate one-on-one with Reggie Wayne, it'll be a field day. Still, Aaron Rodgers will keep the Packers in this. Over the past two weeks, he's won over his locker room. The offense just needs to find its identity and establish some sort of rhythm that's been lacking all season.

Doug Ritchay (3-3)

Colts 30, Packers 21

The Packers need Ryan Grant and the running game to control the action against Indy's small but quick defense. But, the Packers haven't run the ball effectively all season, and there's no reason to assume that will start now.

Matt Tevsh (3-3)

Packers 31, Colts 28

The Packers match up favorably with the Colts, and Aaron Rodgers should be able to match Peyton Manning pass-for-pass. But the key for the Packers will be to be to sustain long drives. Even without Joseph Addai, the Colts have too many weapons and the Packers' pass rush is too weak to sustain three-and-outs from Rodgers and Co. Though Ryan Grant didn't exactly have the breakout game like I thought he would last week against the Seahawks, a Bob Sanders-less Colts defense should give him his best shot yet for a 100-yard-plus game.

Bob Fox (3-3)

Packers 27, Colts 24

The Packers are starting to get healthier, especially on defense, with Justin Harrell expected to play. The Colts' passing game, behind Peyton Manning, looked as good as it has all year last week. However, it came with a price, as Joseph Addai is expected to be out a few weeks due to a hamstring injury. Expect a shootout, with turnovers playing a key part in the outcome. Aaron Rodgers will be as effective as he has been all year, and the Packers will continue to try and get their ground game going. Like all close games, expect special teams to be a huge factor.

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