Fans reaction to the action

Here are some letters submitted to Packer Report regarding the Minnesota Vikings' Chris Hovan and the melee that occurred at the end of Green Bay's 26-22 victory over the Vikings on Sunday:<p>

Minnesota said all week that they were going to continue to talk against the Packers at Lambeau. When the Packers lost to the Vikings at Minnesota, and Hovan was talking during the last two minutes, the Packers just walked off the field and took their defeat like men. When the shoe was on the other foot, and Hovan was taking a little of his own medicine, he became outraged. He has to realize that if he is going to talk during victory, he must accept hearing it in defeat. He couldn't take it, and because he is limited intellectually he attacked Favre physically. I love this quote by Hovan:

"It was on them. It wasn't even on us. You see what kind of team they are. You saw what they were doing. They were taunting our bench."

And what were you doing on every play Hovan? You were always in Favre's face and trash even admitted it!!! So why is there a problem when they do it to you? You are an idiot, and I as well can't wait for next year. The Vikings are full of selfish players that will never win championships. Hovan is a joke and he can have fun watching the Packers in the playoffs.

Dear Packer Report, There seems to be a lot of talk going around lately in the form of threats from one team to another. I understand that teams become angry when one of their own is the recipient of a cheap shot from an opponent, and that they are compelled to promise to get revenge the next time that they play. I'm not happy about the shots that the Pack has been taking lately, but I hope that they will resist the temptation of stooping down to the level of some of their classless opponents by returning cheap shots. This won't help, especially if one of our own is removed from the game, or worse, suspended for future games, as a result of unsportsmanlike play. We need the Pack at full strength now and through the playoffs, so I urge the team to maintain the class that has gotten them this far. Instead of taking cheap shots, just go out and win. That's the ultimate revenge!
Dan Perez,
Avondale, Arizona

Dear Packer Report:
What do Vikings fans, players and the Minnesota media all have in common? They are sore losers! As a member of the Packer faithful who resides in the "Land of 10,000 Excuses," I have been exposed to an unimaginable excess of whining, blaming, and wailing since the Packers sweet victory over the hapless Purple.

Those who extolled Warren Sapp's season-ending cheap shot on Chad Clifton as a legal, legitimate hit now describe Antuan Edwards' legal hit on Chris Walsh as unwarranted. Walsh himself is the self-appointed king of hard-hitting, so he should be able to take what he dishes out. Likewise, th ose who applauded Chris Hovan for verbally sparring with Brett Favre at the Metrodome now condemn Favre for returning the favor at Lambeau. Perhaps Hovan should start letting his play speak for himself instead of his words. Otherwise, he may consider changing careers and becoming another one of those trash-talking professional wrestlers.

Wake up, Minnesota. You lost - get over it! You couldn't beat the Packers during the game, so you start a brawl afterwards to show us how tough you are? You fell short on the scoreboard, so you blame bad officiating? While it was a poorly called game, to imply that the officials were "homers" for Green Bay is simply absurd. When the Vikings beat Green Bay earlier this season, I congratulated their fans and moved on. I wish they would now show us the same courtesy.
Chuck Moder,
Northfield, Minnesota

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