Five for Fighting

Antuan Edwards, Mike McKenzie and Nate Wayne were fined $5,000 for their part in a brawl at the end the Packers-Vikings game at Lambeau Field last Sunday.<P> Vikings Hunter Goodwin and Jim Kleinsasser were assessed $10,000 each, while Chris Walsh was fined $5,000.<p> The fines were handed down Friday.<p>

The fines were handed down Friday, and the Packers were in no mood to discuss it. Sherman held a private huddle with team members, then declined to comment specifically to the media.

"If I wanted you guts to be part of that message, I would have brought them over here and had it over here," Sherman said.

According to the NFL, Edwards was fined for hitting Walsh after the Vikings receiver had caught the ball and kneeled down, apparently taking himself out of the play. No whistle had sounded when Edwards hit Walsh. The league acknowledged the officials erred in not blowing the whistle, but fined Edwards anyway. Even more curious was McKenzie's fine for "striking an opponent who was obviously out of the play," according to the NFL. The same matter was debated in the Warren Sapp-Chad Clifton issue in which Clifton was clearly "out of the play," yet Sapp was not fined and most media pundits defended the Bucaneer's action.

Wayne was fined for hitting Randy Moss in the back on the final play, a 66-yard interception return by Darren Sharper.

Walsh was fined for his hit on rookie Marques Anderson. Walsh got mixed up and mistook Anderson for Edwards, passing on a chance to tackle Sharper after the INT and going after Anderson.

Cletidus Hunt, who ran across the field to join the fray, was not fined.

"They made the right call," Hunt said. "Now I can tease some of the guys."

All except Walsh, who refused to comment, said they would appeal the fines.

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