Going Behind Enemy Lines to Jacksonville

The editor of JagNation.com details the problems with the Jaguars, who at 4-9 are as disappointing as the 5-8 Packers. Find out what Charlie Bernstein has to say about David Garrard and the rest of the Jaguars.

Charlie Bernstein, the editor of Scout's JagNation.com, stops by to answer five questions about the Packers' opponent this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Bill Huber: The Packers are perhaps the biggest disappointment in the NFC. The same can be said of the Jaguars in the AFC. Without typing until you get carpal tunnel, what's wrong in Jacksonville?

Charlie Bernstein: There's plenty wrong in Jacksonville. Offensively, David Garrard has regressed exponentially and the offensive line isn't anywhere near as dominant as a year ago. Defensively, they don't pressure the passer, they don't stop the run and the secondary has been terrible. On the sideline, Jack Del Rio has made some terrible coaching moves such as trying surprise onside kicks nearly every week (if you do it every week, it's not a surprise) and his tendency to pass on easy field goals to go for fourth downs has really shot the team in the foot (apologies to Plaxico Burress).

Bill Huber: The Packers extended Aaron Rodgers' contract this year. The Jaguars did the same with their young quarterback, David Garrard, last year. How has Garrard performed, and are the Jaguars sure he's their quarterback for the next several years?

Charlie Bernstein: The common misconception about Garrard is that he's a young quarterback where in reality he'll be 31 in February. He was a career backup before last year, when he wasn't asked to do too much and managed games. This season, teams are stacking the box to stop the run and Garrard has been erratic and inconsistent, as he holds the ball too long and will throw into coverage. To sum it up, the team made a huge mistake by giving him a big contract.

Bill Huber: What happened to the Jaguars' running game? I was floored to see Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor had combined for 1,163 yards. Last year, they combined for almost 2,000 yards.

Charlie Bernstein: The combination of teams stacking up the box as there is absolutely no fear of the Jaguars' passing attack, and the offensive line suffering two key injuries in the season opener have certainly made life much more difficult on Taylor and Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew is probably a better player than he was a year ago, but he's getting no help from anywhere else. Taylor has been hit so much in the backfield this season that he's been dancing behind the line almost as if he's expecting to get crushed.

Bill Huber: What do the Jaguars lose without the 6-foot-6 Matt Jones, who seems to be having a breakout season but was suspended for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy?

Charlie Bernstein: Matt Jones has been by far the best receiver on the team this season as he's been a reliable possession target and Garrard's primary receiver option. He will be surely missed as the team will struggle to get anything done through the air without him.

Bill Huber: With Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, the Jaguars had a killer tandem at defensive tackle. Stroud's in Buffalo. How much have the Jaguars missed him?

Charlie Bernstein: The defensive tackle position has not been anywhere near dominant this season, but the great version of Stroud hasn't been seen anywhere in the last couple of years. The Jags have missed Stroud, but it wasn't a mistake trading him, as he's been less than top-notch in Buffalo. The main issue with the interior of the Jags' defensive line is that Henderson is no longer one of the top tackles in the league.

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