Moses gets another shot

Despite his less-than-impressive debut, new returnman J.J. Moses will get another chance to prove himself Sunday, Packers coach Mike Sherman said.<P>

"I think he can give us what we're looking for," Sherman said. "I'm going to give him an opportunity to do that, I hope, this weekend."

Sherman said the weather may have been a factor in Moses' NFL debut which included a potentially-disastrous miscue.

"With the weather conditions being what they were, the ball being wet, the wind swirling and their kicker being erratic, a 10-year veteran could have done what J.J. did," Sherman said.

"What J.J. did" was misjudge a punt, run backwards to field it, and accidentally deflect the ball in a poor attempt to scoop it up. The live ball carromed into the arms of San Francisco linebacker Quincy Stewart, but it squirted away and Green Bay's Paris Lenon covered it at the 1 yard line.

"The only thing he shouldn't have done is go field the ball after it went over his head," Sherman said. "He should have let that one go."

Otherwise, the coach was happy with the new guy.

"This type of young man is very conscientious," Sherman said. "The first punt he fielded he did it like it was nothing. After he had the muff, as critical as it was, we talked it over on the sideline and he was very confident in himself. At this point I'm going to stay with him."

The Packers promoted the Iowa State product from the practice squad last weekend, after waiving the ineffective Darrien Gordon (5.1-yard punt return average).

At 5-7, 178 pounds, Moses is not expected to bulldoze over anyone on returns. But coach Sherman pointed out that previously successful Packer returnmen didn't always have size on their side.

"Allen Rossum was not much bigger," he said. "He may have been taller, but this guy is 'stouter' believe it or not. He does have an explosive burst."

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