Live from Lambeau: What McCarthy said

Packer Report was at Lambeau Field for Mike McCarthy's season-ending press conference. This story was updated blog-style with the coach's thoughts during his 35-minute season-ending press conference. Read on for the highlights.

Good morning from the Lambeau Field media auditorium. Packer Report will update this throughout coach Mike McCarthy's press conference, which begins around 9 a.m. Central.

We should be up and running in a minute. At 9:05, we got the "two-minute warning."

It's 9:07 and here comes the coach.

Injuries: Barnett is doing very well. Ditto for Bigby's surgery. Justin Harrell is being studied and will be evaludated. Mark Tauscher will have surgery in 10-14 days. Scott Wells needs shoulder surgery. Chad Clifton needs a "couple" of surgeries to "clean up" some things. At least one knee will operated on; wasn't sure if it was both.

How does McCarthy rate himself: "It's not what we were looking for. I'll start from the top down. We'll look at every aspect of our program."

Meeting with coordinators today. Assistants next week. No moves made yet; hasn't decided if he will. Has "quality" people.

Talked to vets on Monday and rookies/practice squad on Tuesday. 15-, 20-minute slots; some went 5 minutes, others went 45. Players are free to state opinions. "It was very healthy. Always is. Clearly one of the most informative times of the year. I know the players appreciate that."

If a lot of players have an opinion on one topic, he will take that into consideration.

On Sunday, Woodson said team needs some free agents. McCarthy's thought on that topic: "It's convenient to attack the youth of our football team. I like our football team."

Mind made up on staff?: "Absolutely not. Once I make up my mind, I'll act accordingly.

Do you think you need to do much with personnel? "I don't think it's that easy." It's not a "chess board." "When we line up in the spring for OTAs, I'll say there probably will be a 20 percent change in personnel." His focus will be on the other 80 percent.

"Ultimate goal" is winning the Super Bowl.

"There may be a piece here that we agree on or disagree on."

Does he like the defensive scheme: "All of our schemes are under evaluation."

Zone blocking scheme: "We just don't run zone blocking schemes. It's a starting point for us. We'll taylor it to our players, because at the end of the day," that's the important thing.

Leadership without Rob Davis and Brett Favre/youngest team in the league. Loss of leadership a problem?: "I think we have exceptional leadership by example. Do we have the guy our there screaming or yelling? Maybe we don't." Didn't discount that team might need one.

"I don't disagree" that another leader or two is needed but that's not an overriding issue. Must develop the leaders that are on the team.

"I think we'd be hard-pressed to be the youngest team in the league again" next year. Experience level is increasing but still young "and I think that's exciting."

Injuries are the top factor? "No, because that's part of the game." Didn't overcome the injuries.

Surprised team couldn't stop losing streak: "It's important to look inside those games and how we lost them. We're going to take a very, very long look at the fourth quarter, because that's obviously something we didn't do a very good job with."

Really close to being good?: "I think statistics, a lot of them are barometers. If you have a situation that you're 0-7 in, my goodness, you better take a close look at it."

Execution was biggest problem, "but we'll look at everything."

"In losing, you can't lose the lesson."

Everythig under evaulation, from good to bad things.

Rodgers ... right move? "Yes. We definitely made the right move. I was pleased with the productivity. I think Aaron Rodgers played at a steady, steady level. He's given us a standard that we will hold him to."

"The beauty of Aaron is he's young."

Other positives: "A lot." Excellent foudnation, young, confident, believe in what they're doing. Good people. Proud to be Packers. "But the bottom line is winning football games."

Specific examples where he didn't get it done?: "I didn't get the job done." ... Teams were prepared and played hard. "There wasn't one time" where he felt team didn't give it its all.

Pass rush: "Pressure's a concern." Will talk to DC Bob Sanders about it. Run defense and pressure on QB are issues.

"When things go wrong, it's convenient" to blame the scheme. "Blanket statements are convenient."

Blitzed during offseason ... where did those packages go?: They used them.

"I think Cullen Jenkins is a big player" on the run and pass. "He's a problem on first and second down ... against tight ends."

So losing him was key? "We didn't overcome his injury."

Will help Winston Moss prep for interview to be the Rams' coach.

Offensive line: "We would like to line up with the same five guys for 16 games." Haven't been able to stay healthy. Feels good about young guys' experience (Spitz and Colledge). "Musical chairs" are "driven by health concerns."

FG vs. Bears ... what went wrong? "The kick was low." Three components ... snap, hold, kick. "Frankly, it's irrelevant. We're 6-10." Not here to place blame. "It wasn't done right. I expect to kick that field goal every single time."

"I think that rookie class is really going to contribute." Really likes both QBs. Cited Finley and Lee. Josh Sitton "has a chance to be a very good player. He's the power right guard that you'd like to have." Breno Giacomini and Jeremy Thompson made strides too.

How about this year?: Factors include who's in front of them. Hard to challenge for starting jobs with talented guys ahead of them.

Spitz at center: "That's definitely an option"

Nobody is "flippant" about 6-10 season. "I clearly understand the responsibilities. It's not acceptable." Got to correct those reasons. "That's the facts."

That's it. About 35 minutes and not a lot of decisive, gripping stuff.

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