Defensive end goes to extremes

Like the weather, the score and the tension of the playoff race, defensive end Vonnie Hollliday's performance was one of extremes Sunday at Lambeau Field.<p>

Vonnie Holliday's five sacks in GB's 10-0 win over Buffalo marked a career high for the fifth-year Packer, as well as a team record. He smashed his previous high of 2, which he matched several six times. The most recent of those was at Tennessee last Dec. 16.

The whole thing seems surreal to Holliday, he said. After each sack, he pointed skyward, and at the end of the game his emotions broke through. Later, it was learned that it was more than the game on Holliday's mind and in his heart. His 16-year-old cousin died of congestive heart failure during a basketball game Saturday night.

"I had a late night last night with my family; we really didn't get much sleep. My little cousin (Marcus Warren), the next superstar, he died tragically last night, and all of this today was for him," Holiday said. "God gave me the strength and no doubt he was up there helping. I just have to believe that he was with me. When I was out there everything was happening in slow-motion."

The five sacks of Bledsoe gives the Buffalo QB the honor of being way out at the top of Holliday's sacks by QB list. Others he has sacked more than once: Charlie Batch, Kerry Collins, Daunte Culpepper, Shaun King, Jon Kitna and Steve McNair.

Holliday also forced three fumbles in the game, courtesy of a crumbled Bledsoe. Holliday's previous season high was 1, with a single FF in 2001 and 1999.

He broke Bryce Paup's club record of four sacks set on Sept. 15, 1991, against Tampa Bay. Ezra Johnson had five sacks against Detroit on Sept. 3, 1978, at Detroit, but the league didn't begin officially counting sacks until four years later.

Holliday's performance was considerable breakthrough considering he has been a serious part of the Packers' rash of injuries. Hindered by a torn chest muscle and a sprained knee this season, the starter had just one sack coming into the game. He took off a restrictive shoulder harness last week against doctors' orders and rebounded with a solid game against San Francisco.

"I can't say enough about my teammates today. We got great coverage from our d-backs all day long. They really made Bledsoe hold the ball. All the factors that help us defensive linemen get sacks were happening out there today, and I'm just very fortunate."

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