Sherman sez

Here's what Packer coach Mike Sherman had to say after his team shut out the Buffalo Bills 10-0 Sunday to complete a perfect regular-season campaign at Lambeau Field.<P>

On defense: "Both offenses were struggling and defenses had to step up and our defense rose to the occasion. I don't care what the weather conditions are, when you are able to shut out the Buffalo Bills with Bledsoe, and Henry, and Price, and Moulds and those receivers and tight ends, and Centers at fullback...this was as talented a group as we have faced this year."

"You lose Sharper, your best player right at the beginning of the game, your pro-bowl player on defense and obviously I can't say enough about the guys that stepped in. When you lose a player of that magnitude who just had an interception...and then guys step in and did a hell of a job."

On the perfect record at home: "Our team is playing well at home a lot of that has to do with the 64,000 out in that stadium, the people in the parking lot, and the people waiting for them when they come to work on Sunday. We have the best fans in football."

On the conditions: "It was very cold and windy. The conditions were intense to say the least. It was swirling wind, the field was giving ground, and on a regular basis the footing wasn't great. There were a number of reasons why we weren't playing as effective as we'd like to be and I'm sure it affected them as well."

"The wind would be blowing in your face, you'd look at the flags and the wind would be blowing the other way. It was really swirly -- we should have played better."

On the wind and Brett Favre: "The wind usually doesn't affect his ball. It was the first time in any game of my career-my short career-that the wind has affected his ball."

On adversity: "We've had a lot of adversity this year. We've had it on the field-we've had weather conditions-and we've had it off the field. Kabeer had lost his mom and he come back and played the next week. And last night Vonnie Holliday lost a close cousin, a young 17-year-old boy died tragically at home and that has affected him. It certainly allowed him an opportunity to go out and play the very best game he played this year."

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