QB fans flames on retirement

Brett Favre has been asked frequently this season when he plans to retire from football. Most of the time he says that he wants to come back next year and take it from there. But Thursday he put a new twist on his retirement line.

During his weekly press conference, Favre was asked about retirement by a New York writer who was in Green Bay to do advance work for the Packers-Jets game on Sunday.

"I have every intention of coming back next year," Favre said. Then he went on to say, "I know the question has been raised, 'What if you won the Super Bowl?' Well, my response has been and will always be, 'I hope I have that decision to make.' If we win the Super Bowl, it's not a guarantee that I would retire.

"But, think about it from my standpoint, 'Wouldn't you want to go out on top?' Sure. Who wouldn't? Now, a lot has to happen between now and then, but I have every intention of coming back next year."

Favre has been bothered by a couple of injuries this season. He suffered a torn lateral collateral ligament in his left knee against Washington on Oct. 20. He also has been hobbled by a high ankle sprain sustained at San Francisco on Dec. 15. To make matters worse, he said that he strained his right elbow picking up boxes at home on Christmas Day.

"I was so reluctant to go in (to the trainers Thursday) and say, 'Look, I did something to my elbow,'" said Favre, for fear of hearing the response, "'Well, how?' 'I was lifting boxes from Christmas gifts.'

"You know you get a little older, you wake up and you go, 'How in the world did I hurt my ribs?'" the 33-year-old added. "That's kind of the case right now. My knee does bother me from time to time but not enough to keep me from playing. My ankle feels a bit better this week. But, I don't know, it's just one thing after another."

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