Packers lose 4th round pick to Patriots

The New England Patriots will receive the Green Bay Packers' fourth-round draft pick in 2003 as compensation for the trade that brought wide receiver Terry Glenn to Green Bay in the off-season. Glenn's five catches for 76 yards against the New York Jets on Sunday was just enough to qualify the Patriots for the draft pick.

Glenn finished the season with 56 catches for 817 yards - surpassing the specifications of 55 catches or 765 yards for the fourth-round selection. If he would have had fewer than 55 catches, the Packers would not have had to surrender a pick. The pick could have been a third rounder if Glenn had 70 or more catches, or 990 yards receiving.

In addition, Glenn's contract with the Packers includes incentive clauses. He'll reportedly receive $200,000 based on his reception and receiving yards total.

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