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Here are some e-mails received by Packer Report after Green Bay's 42-17 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday:


Dear Packer Report, I am an avid Packer fan and have been since childhood. I am also a big supporter of Coach Sherman and think he is one of the NFLs' great minds. Having said that, I was absolutely disgusted at the way Coach threw in the towel against the Jets. By benching Brett and Ahman with 14 minutes left in the game he was basically saying that I know we can't score 4 times against your defense and stop you, so we'll just give up. I understand that you don't want to risk any serious injuries and that would be an acceptable, even a smart strategy if there were under 6 minutes left in the game. But there were 14 minutes left in the most important game of the year (home field advantage throughout at stake). There have been greater comebacks in the past and if anyone could pull one off it would be Brett. As a fan it just killed me to have my favorite team concede a game that was only 3/4 of the way over. I have been watching football for over 25 years and have never seen a coach give up a game that important, that soon. To me it showed lack of confidence in the Pack on both sides of the ball. Having said this, I will continue to be a die-hard Packers fan and I still think that Coach Sherman is a great coach, he just made a bad decision today. If we go on to win the Super Bowl my complaint will be for naught. This was just a bad way to go into the playoffs, coming off your worst defeat in a long time, and most of all, taking it lying down in the last quarter.

Jim Darling Atlanta, Ga.


No defense

Packer Report,

Where was the Packer defense on Sunday? The Packers are not a road team so any chance they had to reach the Super Bowl just went down the drain. How sad that they could not pump themselves up for this game that would have offered them home field advantage throughout.

(no name)


An opportunity lost

I must say after watching the Packers play the Jets, it was a complete game. Completely ugly, that is. With the possibility of the road to the Super Bowl running through Lambeau Field, I thought the Packers would be pumped up and ready to play like no tomorrow. But to my dismay as well as to other Packers fans, the Pack was flat! Flat on all sides of the ball, offense, defense and special teams.

The offense has been flat for quite a few weeks. Is it possible that Brett Favre looks tired? He hasn't been very sharp the last few weeks. Or is his knee still bothering him? Either way, the offense hasn't been hitting on all cylinders. Offensive Coordinator Tom Rossley's play calling has been very offensive. On a field that is in poor condition as it was at the Meadowlands, why did the Packers try so many plays that involved pulling offensive lineman? Wouldn't be better to run the ball straight up the middle and jamming the ball down their throats? Just a thought. Mr. Rossley, the play calling has been suspicious and predictable lately. Where has been the quick slants and screens been today? It worked for the Jets.

The defense looked just as flat as the offense. Poor coverage by the defensive backs, poor tackling and choking when it counted the most. The Jets ran the same play at least twice to score touchdowns. No safety help on both plays. Where were the linebackers today? It's hard to sit and watch this defense today that looked incredible against the Bills a week earlier.

The special teams has looked anything but special this year. I know injuries have created problems for the special teams all year round. However I've been paying close attention to them in the last few weeks and I've seen plenty of missed blocks. Or should I say missed opportunities? I believe it's time for Mr. Novak to leave the Pack, so that we can bring in someone new. Who knows, sometimes change is good. Do we have anything to lose?

Overall, another missed opportunity by a unprepared and/or an uninspired team. This game is tough to swallow. Please bring all you got in the playoffs Packers. I'm not ready to see this season end any time soon.

Troy Storm Marshall, WI


I knew it

Packer Report,

I guess the defense was too busy patting themselves on the back for last Sun game against the Bills, that they forgot about the Jets. Here's what they gave up:

1)homefield throughout the playoffs.

2)1st round bye.

This team had everything on the line in this game with the Jets,and they folded under the pressure.They just didn't want it bad enough,they were out played in every aspect of the game. I guess finishing 12-4 isn't so bad, at least were in the playoffs. I just hope the Pack will step up their play into the playoffs,and Ed Donatell tightens things back up on the defense.

P.S. I'd like to kick Tom Rossley in his butt for continuing to try and run that shovel pass,it's not working,get rid of it!

Peter Schwind Wapakoneta Ohio


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