Chat tonight with Adam Caplan

Packer Report has draft chats scheduled for before, during and after this weekend's NFL draft. NFL insider Adam Caplan will join us tonight at 8 p.m. Central.

It's almost time!

Three months after the Senior Bowl and two months after the NFL Scouting Combine, the NFL Draft will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Packer Report has been the place to be during the last couple of months with more exclusive stories than probably everyone else combined. And we will continue to be the place to be this week.

Tonight, Packer Report publisher Bill Huber has a special guest star in the chat room: insider Adam Caplan. If you have questions about the top prospects, free agency or anything else going on around the NFL, Caplan is the guy to ask. Caplan breaks the news on Scout's NFL portal, and he's on Sirius NFL Radio.

On Saturday, we will have the chat room staffed before and after the Packers make their first- and second-round draft picks. And on the Monday after the draft, Huber will host a post-draft chat.

The time for tonight's chat is 8 p.m. Central. On Saturday, we'll get started around 3 p.m. Central, after the first pick is made. On Monday, we'll be back at our usual 7 p.m. Central start time.

The chat room link is right here. Or, go to Forums and connect to the Chat Room from there.

These chats are for Packer Report subscribers only. To subscribe, click here.

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