Thompson: Core of team is solid

GM Ted Thompson held his pre-draft news conference on Monday, and he says there's no need that must be filled because he is satisfied with the core of the team. The following is an on-the-fly story highlighting what Thompson discussed.

GM Ted Thompson is talking to reporters during a mid-day news conference on Monday. Refresh this story for an on-the-fly review of what he says about the upcoming draft.

— Day after Easter, scouts flew back to Green Bay to begin pre-draft meetings. This week, coaches will join meetings and "kind of put everything together."

— Philosophy on trading down: When first arrived, needed to "build up the core" of the team. Trading down or up is a matter of supply and demand. If there are a number of players available and you have no preference, "then it makes a lot of sense" to move back and pick up an extra pick.

Once core is built up, you have "diminishing returns" in trading back. Not sure he's at that point, though he likes the team.

— Stragegy with top-10 pick doesn't change. It's easier to spend time getting ready for draft, since it's easier to pinpoint who might be available at No. 9 compared to No. 20 or whatever. More time is spent on the players who will be considered at No. 9 than those ranked in the 20s.

— Board constructed by position, with that broken down by their round grade.

— Less margin for error since free agency not a priority: "Draft is the biggest way to build a team and the best way to build a team." Hasn't thought of it in terms of the question, though. It's important either way.

— No position is off-limits, regardless of strength on the roster.

— Thompson went to 23 or 24 schools during the fall and a few pro days.

— Alotted 30 pre-draft visits; hosted about 20 players. Pre-draft visits are over now.

— Senior or junior if equal talent?: Pick the senior because he's one year more experienced and mature and "farther along in life."

— Change in defense affects scouting: "Not much" difference. "Good ones can play" and ones that can't play can't play, regardless of scheme. "It all comes back to how good a player is the guy." Body types, obviously, are different.

— Wouldn't say if any player is off the board based on character, though he has in the past. It's a judgment call; "it's my call ... is this a good guy or bad guy?"

— Post-draft free agency for undrafteds: "It's chaos." Thinks he's done a good job of signing the guys they want, though money sometimes is an issue.

— Draft success in previous drafts: "I think we've done OK. Again, this is not an exact science" in predicting the future of a player. But team he thinks is "pretty solid."

— Is there a need that has to be filled?: He doesn't see it that way. He likes the core of the team so they're not in a position to "have to do anything." That's all; Thompson left the podium after about 22 minutes.

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