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Adam Caplan and Bill Huber talked to subscribers on Monday night. And don't forget to visit the chat room during the draft on Saturday and for our wrap-up on the Monday after the draft.

Packer Report publisher Bill Huber invited NFL insider Adam Caplan into the chat room on Monday night. Here are the highlights.

Remember, drop by the chat room on Saturday during the draft, as we will have one of our Packers insiders chatting with you live from Lambeau Field. And on Monday night (7 p.m. Central), Bill will be in the chat room for our draft wrapup.

I see you had Everette Brown coming to GB in your latest mock. What do you think of him?

Very solid pursuit pass rusher, never gives up on a play. The question is whether or not he can move to a 3-4 at OLB.

Do the Packers have the defensive talent now without the draft to make the 3-4 work?

They have to get help up front Harrell is a waste, so they need depth and DEs.

Biggest need nose tackle?

Needs for the draft I see: G, RT, DE, CB, S. I think Pickett will be OK at NT but sure, they could use depth there since they are changing schemes.

Speaking of DEs, your thoughts on Jarron Gilbert. I've heard mostly mixed reviews. Any chance he's there at No. 41?

Upside guy, but risky.

If one of the QB's falls to the spot where the Packers are picking, do you see teams calling, such as the Broncos and Jets.

SF, DEN, NYJ. sure. I think what will happen is if Sanchez is there, that's when the phone rings. Somehow the Packers have to come out of the first round with an impact defensive player. DL or OLB.

What do you hear about Chase Coffman? He's obviously a guy a lot of people are curious about up here, with the family ties.

He couldn't work out for teams, but he should be ready to start running well before training camps start. Solid second-rounder.

Is Tyson Jackson a good pick or safe pick??

3-4 DE (5-technique). SD likes him. Not a bad option for GB, either.

Because of the economy, do you see teams trying to get out of the real top picks?

I think it's a situation because there are no real can't-miss guys, teams think they could get a similar player by trading back.

Who have you heard are the Lions gonna take with their first pick?

I've felt for months that it will be Stafford and I'd be shocked if it's not.

Malcolm Jenkins a better pick for us than Jackson?

Jackson is a better pick. Jenkins really could struggle depending on scheme. He may have to move to safety down the road.

Even though the drug rumors with Raji turned out to be false, will that still make teams have second-thoughts about taking him? I think you had him going to No. 12 to Denver in your latest mock.

Teams will look hard in his past history though to see if anything is there. Denver has to get a DL early for the change to the 3-4. I don't see Raji going in the top-10.

That's interesting. Him being the only real good big guy, I thought that alone might drive his value up.

After what happened with Harrell I don't see GB taking the risk. I can tell you going back to college there were some that questioned his dedication. Immensely talented, but whoever takes him has to do a strong background check on him.

You've been covering the draft for awhile. Obviously it's too early to say anything for certain, but is this a pretty good draft? And at what point early in the first round is there a real drop-off?

Depends on the position, really. Certain ones are deeper than others. Not a good QB draft.

Who do you see us taking in the 2nd rd?

I'd say DL, OT, DB

Where do you see Andre Smith going after all of his nonsense?

I'd say highest he'll go is to CIN at #6, lowest probably #20.

How do you think Cutler fares in Chicago now that he doesn't have the receiving depth and the offensive-minded head coach? To me, going from Mike Shanahan to Lovie Smith is a big drop. Not saying Smith isn't a good coach, but it's a different mind-set.

I think it will be a struggle at times because he has an average OL and poor WRs. But he has a quick release which is why he makes an OL better.

What are you hearing about Mark Tauscher? Will he be back with the Packers?

I don't see him going back to GB. He's not supposed to be ready until August.

Adam had to run, so Packer Report's Bill Huber sits down in the "expert" chair.

Continuing about Tauscher, considering free agency is 2 months old and he's unsigned, it looks like there's not much demand for a 33-year-old tackle coming off of a torn ACL.

Is Raji on the Packers' radar or the recent article saying he did not test for drugs mean he will be taken by someone before No. 9?

I think he's long gone by No. 9. He's the only real big guy so if the teams drafting ahead of the Packers don't want him, I think somebody will move up to get him. It's a big drop-off from Raji to the next-best guy, Ron Brace.

How about Tyson Jackson at #9 ... real or a smokescreen?

If I were Ted Thompson and if Raji was gone, Jackson would be my guy. Like going from Raji to Brace at nose tackle, it's a big drop-off from Tyson Jackson to Jarron Gilbert at DE.

Is Raji a good pick, or as Adam said, some question his drive?

I think Raji is a good pick. He won't be the only guy with questions about his drive. He was the big man on campus at Boston College. The NFL is a whole new ballgame.

Can we get Ron Brace in the second or will he be gone ... after Brace, appears to be a big drop-off for nose tackles?

Ron Brace is the popular pick in a lot of the two-round mock drafts, including the one we did for Scout a couple weeks ago. When there's such a consensus in thought among us "experts," we usually turn out to be wrong.

If Andre Smith is on the board when the Packers pick, do you see Ted drafting him?

You know, I've thought a lot about Smith lately. Wrote about him yesterday, too. I'm not sure he fits a zone scheme. I've been given varying opinions on that.

Recent articles on all the tackles saying each have red flags ... I originally thought Ted would go with one of the tackles but not so sure now.

That's true. There are no red flags about the top two guys, Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe. But Smith has the Combine nonsense, Oher has the learning issues and questions about his motor, William Beatty has been called lazy.

I like how you uncovered some unknown nose tackle in Canada. Me thinks Ted will find some big guys in the lower rounds.

I have one more, Terrence Knighton of Temple. Been playing phone tag with his college coach, Mark D'Onofrio, who you may recall played LB here. On, and Louis Ellis from a Division II school. Big-time production.

So if Raji not there, should the Pack trade down to get him later in the draft ... is Jackson really worth the #9 pick?

Denver might want Jackson at No. 12. Or they might for for Rey Maualuga. So, it would be a gamble. It might be worth it to gamble and trade back though, assuming Thompson really likes a couple other guys who could be his fallback plan.

Do you think that for training camp they will bring in another place kicker to give Mason Crosby some competition and also make sure he doesn't wear out his leg?

I think it will only be Crosby. It's not like a few years ago, when you could have 90 guys in camp. Rosters are limited to 80, and you use a lot of those on positions where you want to keep legs fresh.

If the Pack trades down, then they could pick up a linebacker and maybe another second? Would New England go with a blockbuster deal that we can't refuse ... they have three No. 2s.

Depends on how far they move back. If they trade back a handful of spots, they'd probably get a third-rounder. That would give them three third-rounders, so then you'd have some real flexibility. It's supply and demand, too. I've been hearing for weeks that at least half of the teams will want to trade out of the top 10. The more that want to trade out, the less you'd get for doing so. I'm not sure I'd want to move much past 15 or 16. To me, that's where the drop-off in talent is. But that's just my opinion. If Thompson thinks there are 20 first-round talents, he could trade back further and get someone he likes. A couple of the wild cards are Knowshon Moreno. Where does he go? I've heard anywhere from top 10 all the way to the low 20s. And how far does Andre Smith fall? And the third quarterback, Josh Freeman, is a wild card, too.

All things being equal, if we cant get the D help we need, why not beef up the offense to outscore are opponents?

That's a great point. There's something to be said about being really good at one thing. It's kind of how the Colts have been built.

Do you see Desmond Bishop as the odd man out? I was a little impressed with him last year.

No, I see Bishop having a big role, either filling in for Nick Barnett if Barnett isn't up to speed. Otherwise, the coaches have said he can play inside and outside and might be an answer as a pass rusher. He screwed up a few times last year, but he was also the defense's top playmaker from the linebacker spot. There's got to be a way to get him some playing time.

Any chance Connor Barwin gets to the Pack in the second round

Unfortunately, no. I think he's moved solidly into the first round. I'd love to have him. He's a guy who can get 10 sacks and score three touchdowns on offense as a rookie.

What are your thoughts on backup QB situation? If Rodgers would have gotten hurt last year it would have been a complete disaster.

It's an interesting position. Common sense says get an experienced backup, but doing so would have cost you Flynn or Brohm. Flynn was impressive and Brohm was a second-round pick, and you don't give up on those guys in six months. I assume that if Rodgers would have been out for a while that they would have brought in someone. I would assume they'll draft one or sign one after the draft. There's a boatload of OK quarterbacks at the end of the draft.

The Pack could use a sledgehammer as a fullback? Any talk about getting a top rated fullback in the 3rd-5th range?

I love the fullback idea. We've had features on Quinn Johnson, who told me that the Packers watched him closely at his pro day and talked to him at the Combine, and Syracuse's Tony Fiammetta, who talked to the Packers at the Combine, too.

Could the TE lack of more explosive production be that Rodgers was new and not as used to them? Rodgers didn't throw as much to the backs either. I thought Lee was pretty good, Finley looks like he could be good ... needs to mature, and the third TE may be a bit up for grabs ... may need more of a blocking TE

Yeah, I think a lot of it was Rodgers. Lee had some of his better games at the end of the season, and Finley emerged then too. I think he had a comfort level with Jennings and wanted to make sure he got on the same page with Driver. That's why I think Rodgers will be a really good quarterback. He did fine last year while going through all of this for the first time.

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