Chris Steuber's NFL Draft mailbag draft expert Chris Steuber takes some time to answer questions submitted from readers. The first letter he tackles is speculation about what GM Ted Thompson will do at No. 9.

Q: With Packers GM Ted Thompson's strategy of taking the best player available, is there a chance if Moreno or one of the top WRs is there he takes them?

Scott W, Lexington, KY


I can't see the Packers taking an offensive skill player, especially since they're switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. However, if the best player on the board at the time is an offensive player like Michael Crabtree, I could see the Packers trading down in the draft and acquiring more draft picks.

Look for the Packers to select a 3-4 DE like LSU's Tyson Jackson, the draft's top NT, Boston College's B.J. Raji or a pass rushing OLB like Texas' Brian Orakpo or Penn State's Aaron Maybin.

Q: What weakness should the Bengals address with there first-round pick? Offensive line, anywhere on the defense, or something else?

Joel, Grand Rapids, Mich.


It's a toss-up, but I think the best value at No. 6 is at offensive tackle. The Bengals could draft Brian Orakpo, but with Ole Miss OT Michael Oher and talented but troubled Alabama star Andre Smith likely being available - one of those two will be the pick.

Q: There is talk the Chiefs may want to move up in the draft. Do you think its a good idea? Who would they target?

Steve, Kansas City, MO


I don't think the Chiefs want to move up at all; they're a team that's positioning themselves nicely to move back. The rise of USC's Mark Sanchez will benefit the Chiefs as at least three teams are hot on his trail. I expect the Chiefs to make a blockbuster trade, before or during the draft with the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins or New York Jets. The Broncos and Redskins are the most likely.

Q: Any chance that the Seahawks can trade down at the #4 slot, if a team either wants to trade up for one of the QBs or OLs?

Jim C., Dana Point, CA


A team that potentially trades up with the Seahawks will only do so if Mark Sanchez is still on the board. It's possible that a team like the Buffalo Bills will consider moving up to land Baylor OT Jason Smith or Virginia OT Eugene Monroe. But to think they would give up both of their first-round picks, plus a third-rounder to get up to No. 4 is highly unlikely. The reason why the Bills traded Jason Peters was because they didn't want to give him the money he was seeking; I don't see them turning around and handing that kind of money over to an unproven player.

Q: Why is Percy Harvin not getting the draft love he deserves? He WAS Florida's running game two years ago, and he is a better receiver than Tedd Ginn was, and just as electric. Call me crazy, but I don't think he slips past #8 to Jax. What are your thoughts??

Big J

Big J:

I agree with you that Percy Harvin is electric, but there are some off-the-field concerns teams have with him. Harvin had a sensational Pro Day where he ran crisp routes, was quick in and out of his cuts and displayed strong hands; he received rave reviews after that performance. But with reports of a failed drug test this offseason and lingering concerns about his attitude and maturity, teams will be shy to hand in a card with his name on it in the first round.

Q: What do you think the likelyhood is that the Denver Broncos might trade their newly acquired picks from the Bears either to move up higher in the first round or to acquire a different, more veteran QB?

Ron, Littleton, Col.


The Broncos are fine with Kyle Orton starting the season at quarterback, but they have a strong interest in moving up on draft day. The Broncos really like Mark Sanchez and have had discussions with the Kansas City Chiefs about the No. 3 pick. The Chiefs will ask for both of the Broncos' first-round selections (12 and 18), plus an additional high round pick. The Chiefs will ask for more from the Broncos since they're division rivals. I think there's enough smoke between these two teams to create some fire on draft day, as unlikely as it sounds.

Q: The Vikings are in a precarious spot sitting at 22. The top OT will be gone. Along with the only DE that would be an impact on Day 1. WR is not as great of an issue as everyone has been saying because Sidney was hampered by knee problems last year and hardly saw the do the Vikings draft Vontae Davis- CB or trade down to try and garner Max Unger- C/OT to fill the line?

Cody, Bismarck, N.D.


There will be value at No. 22. The top four offensive tackles will be off the board, but Arizona's Eben Britton is a perfect fit for the Vikings. He primarily played right tackle during his college career at Arizona and that's the most pressing need for the Vikings, who have to find a better option than Ryan Cook. If the Vikings decide not to draft Britton, a cornerback is possible. You mentioned Vontae Davis, but Connecticut's Darius Butler and Wake Forest's Alphonso Smith are attractive alternatives. Drafting a wide receiver is another possibility. There will be at least four first round worthy WRs on the board for the Vikings: Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey, North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks, Florida's Percy Harvin and Rutgers Kenny Britt. With all of that talent assembled around the 22nd pick, trading down is also an option.

Q: If the Cards trade Boldin for draft picks and get the opportunity should they take a chance on Pat White? I think he would be a great pick. He would add a slot receiver, a rb, and a qb in one pick. I feel he would do well under Warner and would always give the defense another headache with his option potential.

Howard, North Charleston, S.C.


Remember, the Cardinals drafted Early Doucet in the third round last year, and he has a promising future. He's a strong route runner, possesses similar attributes to Anquan Boldin and is a smart player. Pat White is an option for many teams and the Cardinals could be in the mix. But I don't see where he fits. White is a tremendous athlete and can impact the game in many ways, but he's at least three years away from possibly starting an NFL game at QB and another year or two away from developing into a threat at WR. However, he's a playmaker, and with the Wildcat formation being in vogue, that's where White's true value kicks into gear - put him in space and let his athleticism and vision take over.

Q: This is a pretty easy question, but could be a hard one. There will be a lot of good talent coming into the NFL this year, but who will be the one player you would bet on being great? Running back, Quarterback only? A question for my Fantasy Draft ... thanks.

Roland, Chicago


That's a tough question, because I think for a rookie to be successful he has to be in the right system. But a guy that I really like is North Carolina WR Hakeem Nicks, who I compare to Reggie Wayne. He will be a late first--round pick and in most cases that's a good thing, because he will go to an experienced team that has a quality starting quarterback and some veterans he can learn from. There are two great destinations for Nicks, the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants. If Nicks were to join one of the Manning brothers - on a Colts team moving forward without Marvin Harrison or the Giants who released Plaxico Burress - he would be in a perfect situation and would immediately become a starter.

Q: With the fourth pick in the draft, my head is going to explode with trying to think of what would be the safest bet draft fot the Seahawks. Should they go quarterback and plan for the future, should they draft OT and try to give Hasselback the protection he so desperately needs, or if by some chance Curry drops., should they go defense. Please help!!

C2K, Arlington, Wash.


Take a breath and relax; no need to have a panic attack. I think the Seahawks are in a good position. It's obvious that Mark Sanchez is their No. 1 desire, but there's a chance he'll be off the board, as a team could trade up with the Chiefs and take him. If Sanchez is off the board, that means one of the top offensive tackles, Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe, will be available. I think Aaron Curry is a possibility, but not drafting Sanchez makes protecting Matt Hasselbeck a much greater concern and one of the OTs the selection.

Q: I have long been a Lions fan for many years...some good years mostly bad, but nonetheless a loyal fan. Tell me "Why wouldn't Detroit build around a defensive loaded draft this year?" they own three of the first 33 picks...Curry, Lauranitus,etc. I'm not sold on Stafford or Sanchez, The QB depth is deeper next year!! Hope Schwartz & the brass make better decisions then Millen did...this is there chance to take some raw defensive talent- If I'm looking in the wrong direction explain, why?

Cameron, Eldora, Iowa


The Lions have to get a quarterback, whether it's Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez; drafting a quarterback is crucial to their future success. I personally think they should draft Sanchez, but it appears that the decision makers in the organization favor Stafford. I can't realistically see the Lions drafting Aaron Curry. He's a really good linebacker and probably one of the safest picks in the draft, but the Lions don't have a need for an outside linebacker; they already have Ernie Sims and Julian Peterson. With that said, a middle linebacker is a huge need, but Curry primarily played on the strong side in college, and to invest $30 million to $40 million on a player who never played that position is a risk. Now, they could use the 20th or 33rd pick in the draft on a MLB like James Laurinaitis, that's possible. I agree that the Lions have to improve their defense, but this is going to be a process, not an overnight success story, and the process begins with identifying their quarterback.

Q: With Andre Smith looking less and less attractive, do you realistically see J. Smith or E. Monroe being available when the Bengals' are on the clock?

Metzam, Cincinnati


I don't think Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe will be available at No. 6. Even though you and I agree that Andre Smith should be less attractive to teams after his tumultuous offseason, the talent he possesses will prevail, and it appears that the Bengals are among the teams interested in him. The Bengals have serious issues on the offensive line, and I think their pick will come down to Andre Smith and Michael Oher.

Q: Which draft pick could cause the biggest domino effect? I'm not talking about player, I'm looking at the teams. I think the Lions will have a small effect at No. 1, The Seahawks could shake things up depending on who they take.

Nick, Seattle


The Kansas City Chiefs hold the key to the top-10, as it's possible that they trade down with a team that wants Mark Sanchez. If Sanchez is selected in the top three of the draft, you could see players like Aaron Curry, Brian Orakpo and B.J. Raji fall.

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