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Everything you need to know about the draft, from times to history to how to watch it at Lambeau Field.

Here's everything you need to know about this weekend's NFL Draft.

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Packer Report will have coverage throughout the day live from Lambeau Field. Plus, we will be having a live chat with subscribers starting around 4 p.m. Central and going until about a half-hour after the Packers have made their first selection, and again from just before the Packers are on the clock in the second round until about a half-hour after the pick is made.


Saturday: First and second rounds, 3 p.m. (Central). 10 minutes for first-round choices; 7 minutes in second.

Sunday: Third through seventh round, 9 a.m. (Central). 5 minutes per selection.

The Packers' picks

The Packers hold four of the first 83 selections and have nine picks in all. The Packers' second third-round pick comes from the Brett Favre trade. The Packers' second sixth-round pick comes after dealing a seventh-rounder to the Saints in last year's draft.

1st: 9th (9th overall).

2nd: 9th (41st overall).

3rd: 9th (73rd overall).

3rd: 19th (83rd overall).

4th: 9th (109th overall).

5th: 9th (145th overall).

6th: 9th (182nd overall).

6th: 14th (187th overall).

7th 9th (218th overall).

Thompson's draft record

In four previous drafts, general manager Ted Thompson has used his penchant for trading down to select 43 players. Of them, 29 are on the roster.


Started with: 7 picks. Finished with: 11 picks.

Key acquisitions: Aaron Rodgers, Nick Collins, Brady Poppinga, Michael Montgomery.


Started with: 7 picks. Finished with: 12 picks.

Key acquisitions: A.J. Hawk, Daryn Colledge, Greg Jennings, Jason Spitz, Will Blackmon, Tony Moll, Johnny Jolly.


Started with: 9 picks. Finished with: 11 picks.

Key acquisitions: Brandon Jackson, James Jones, Korey Hall, Desmond Bishop, Mason Crosby.


Started with: 8 picks. Finished with: 10 picks.

Key acquisitions: Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley, Jeremy Thompson, Josh Sitton.

Thompson's draft breakdown: By positions

Quarterback (4): Aaron Rodgers (2005-1), Ingle Martin (2006-5a), Brian Brohm (2008-2b), Matt Flynn (2008-7a).

Running back (2): Brandon Jackson (2007-2), DeShawn Wynn (2007-7a).

Fullback (1): Korey Hall (2007-6a).

Tight end (2): Clark Harris (2007-7), Jermichael Finley (2008-3)

Wide receiver (8): Terrence Murphy (2005-2b), Craig Bragg (2005-6b), Greg Jennings (2006-2b), Corey Rodgers (2006-4a), James Jones (2007-3a), David Clowney (2007-5), Jordy Nelson (2008-2a), Brett Swain (2008-7b).

Tackle (2): Tony Moll (2006-5b), Breno Giacomini (2008-5).

Guard (5): William Whitticker (2005-7b), Daryn Colledge (2006-2a), Jason Spitz (2006-3b), Allen Barbre (2007-4), Josh Sitton (2008-4b).

Center (1): Junius Coston (2005-5a).

Defensive end (3): Michael Montgomery (2005-6a), Dave Tollefson (2006-7), Jeremy Thompson (2008-4a).

Defensive tackle (2): Johnny Jolly (2006-6a), Justin Harrell (2007-1).

Linebacker (5): Brady Poppinga (2005-4b), Kurt Campbell (2005-7a), A.J. Hawk (2006-1), Abdul Hodge (2006-3a), Desmond Bishop (2007-6b).

Cornerback (3): Michael Hawkins (2005-5b), Will Blackmon (2006-4b), Pat Lee (2008-2c).

Safety (4): Nick Collins (2005-2a), Marviel Underwood (2005-4a), Tyrone Culver (2006-6b), Aaron Rouse (2007-3b).

Kicker (1): Mason Crosby (2007-6c).

Thompson's draft breakdown: By rounds

First (3): Defensive tackle, linebacker, quarterback.

Second (8): Wide receiver (3), cornerback, guard, quarterback, running back, safety.

Third (5): Guard, linebacker, safety, tight end, wide receiver.

Fourth (7): Guard (2), cornerback, defensive end, linebacker, safety, wide receiver.

Fifth (6): Tackle (2), cornerback, guard, quarterback, wide receiver.

Sixth (7): Defensive end, defensive tackle, fullback, kicker, linebacker, safety, wide receiver.

Seventh (7): Defensive end, guard, linebacker, quarterback, running back, tight end, wide receiver.

Two decades of No. 9 picks

Here is a list of No. 9 picks over the last 20 years. Since 2000, Brian Urlacher, John Henderson and Kevin Williams have been Pro Bowl performers (Koren Robinson was, too, but as a kick returner). Fred Taylor (1998) is the 16th-leading rusher in NFL history. Going back a little further, Bruce Matthews (1983) is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

2008 — Bengals: LB Keith Rivers; 2007 — Dolphins: WR Ted Ginn; 2006 — Lions: LB Ernie Sims; 2005 — Redskins: CB Carlos Rogers; 2004 — Jaguars: WR Reggie Williams.

2003 — Vikings: DT Kevin Williams; 2002 — Jaguars: DT John Henderson; 2001 — Seahawks: WR Koren Robinson; 2000 — Bears: LB Brian Urlacher; 1999 — Lions: LB Chris Claiborne.

1998 — Jaguars: RB Fred Taylor; 1997 — Arizona: CB Tommy Knight; 1996 — Oakland: TE Rickey Dudley; 1995 — N.Y. Jets: TE Kyle Brady; 1994 — Cleveland: CB Antonio Langham.

1993 — Atlanta: DT Lincoln Kennedy; 1992 — Cleveland: RB Tommy Vardell; 1991 — San Diego: CB Stanley Richard; 1990 — Miami: OT Richmond Webb; 1989 — Miami: RB Sammie Smith.

Packers history at No. 9

The last time the Packers held the ninth pick in the draft was way back in 1977, when they selected defensive end Mike Butler out of Kansas. Butler led the Packers in sacks in 1980 and 1981 but never played up to his enormous ability.

The Packers sent the ninth pick of the 1975 draft (along with a 1975 second-rounder and 1976 first- and second-rounders) to the Los Angeles Rams for quarterback John Hadl in arguably the worst trade in Packers history.

In 1971, the Packers hit the jackpot with hard-charging running back John Brockington from Ohio State. In 1967, the defending Super Bowl champions selected Boston College center/guard Bob Hyland, who spent 11 years in the league as mostly a reserve. In 1966, the Packers landed Illinois fullback Jim Grabowski. Grabowski, the first overall pick in the AFL draft, as well, played four solid seasons for the Packers.

In the first 30 years of the draft, the Packers picked a few players at No. 9, but none as good as Ed Jankowski in the NFL's second draft, 1937. Jankowski, a back from Wisconsin who scored in a 27-0 romp over the Giants for the 1939 NFL championship, was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1984.

Party at Lambeau

Tickets are available for Saturday's Packers Draft Party and can be purchased in person at Ticketmaster outlets, over the phone (800-745-3000) and online ( Tickets are $25. Admission is free for children ages 6 and younger who enter with a ticketed adult.

Tickets also will be available Saturday at the Packers' ticket office from noon until 4 p.m.

General manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy will talk to the fans, and players scheduled to appear include Will Blackmon, Brandon Chillar, James Jones, Ruvell Martin, Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rouse, along with alumni Mark Chmura and Aaron Taylor. The players will participate in autograph sessions with party attendees who will receive a ticket for one randomly assigned, two-player autograph session upon entering the event. Wireless Internet will be available.

Doors open at 2 p.m.

For more information, click here.

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