Next on ‘Days': Meeting with Vikes

The NFL's longest-running soap opera reportedly will continue when our wishy-washy star meets the Vikings' coach at an undisclosed location this week. Bill Huber conjures J.R. Ewing, Inspector Clouseau and Dick Cheney in providing his thoughts.

In the latest episode of "Days of our Favre," Brett Favre is going to meet with Vikings coach Brad Childress.

"Whoa!" you say. Didn't Favre, in Monday's episode of the NFL's biggest and longest-running soap opera, tell ESPN's Trent Dilfer "NO" in capital letters when asked if he was considering coming out of retirement again?

Well, yes, that's exactly what happened.

But if Favre has proven one thing over the years, it's that he's a guy who can't make up his mind.

You'll remember last season's "Days of Our Favre" cliffhanger, when our rifle-armed, stubby-bearded, indestructible hero retired, told Packers general manager Ted Thompson that he wanted to return, then changed his mind again. Then, of course, you'll remember the climatic episode, when our hero changed his mind again just before the start of training camp and was given a one-way ticket to New Jersey.

And you thought "Who shot J.R." in the old prime-time soap "Dallas" was about the most drawn-out affair in TV history! The answer to that took a mere eight months, thanks to a writers strike. The answer to this saga seemingly was answered on Monday with Favre's text to Dilfer, but our hero — Sir Wishy Washy himself — changes his mind about as often as your local meteorologist.

With the lack of conviction in his thoughts, you wonder if he ever gets the grass cut. More likely, he takes a couple of passes, then grabs his chainsaw before starting to walk the dog, only to realize he's still got most of the yard to cut.

Other than that, there are two things "Days of Our Favre" lacks compared to TV's good dramas: suspense and a fresh plot line. We've seen this show before, haven't we?

It was barely a year ago when our hero, with so many tears that you'd swear he had some bottles of Visine rigged behind his head, announced his retirement from football. Books were written and tributes were penned. Packers Nation mourned.

But, Favre changed his mind — after changing his mind a couple times before that. The final ledger during his one season with the Jets: 22 touchdown passes, 22 interceptions and one divided green-and-gold fan base.

When Favre retired following the season, there was no press conference and no tears. Maybe Favre and Childress had this figured out way back then. Sure seemed like it when Favre just had to be released from his contract with the Jets last week.

"Nothing has changed," Favre said in a statement after being set free by the Jets. "At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football."

That statement was such rubbish that even the great Peter Sellers' character, Chief Inspector Clouseau, could have connected the dots to figure out that Favre's next flight would take him to a meeting with Childress.

According to ESPN's Ed Werder, Favre and Childress are going to huddle together at an undisclosed location sometime this week. Packer Report called former Vice President Dick Cheney, but he refused to divulge the location of the undisclosed located.

One can imagine how this conversation is going to go.

Brett: Hey, Brad, I'm ready to play and stick it to Ted. It's all I can think about!

Brad: That's great, Brett. We'll want you at OTAs and minicamp.

Brett: Ummmm. Shoot, maybe I need to rethink this.

Brad: You know, you'll have two shots to stick it to Ted.

Brett: When do I start?

Assuming the inevitable happens and Favre wrestles the No. 4 away from the Vikings' John David Booty, the NFC North will feature Favre, Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler. Not a bad group. But how much does Favre have left in the tank? He'll turn 40 at midseason, and not only did he sputter down the stretch last season but in his final few years in Green Bay. He's got a bum right arm, and Werder says Favre has not had surgery to repair the biceps tendon.

Despite that, maybe the latest season of "Days of Our Favre" will have a happy ending for our hero. But happy endings are rare in soap operas. Many times, the villain prevails. And you know who the villain is in Favre's head.

One thing we know for certain is this: Favre vs. Rodgers on "Monday Night Football" will be the biggest thing to hit TV since J.R. shot his reflection in the mirror.

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